2001 Pontiac Aztek from North America


Great daily driver, economical, big car ride



General Comments:

I fell in love with the Aztek when I first saw it back 5 years ago. But couln't afford it. After all these years with bad reviews, I still bought one last year and still loving it. Overall it's been a great ride, put 25000 miles on top of already 66k for less than a year and still running smooth.

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Review Date: 6th March, 2006

2001 Pontiac Aztek 2WD from North America


Like my ex-wife, this should have been a long and beautiful relationship


Head gasket blew and was replaced under regular dealer warranty.

Electrical system shorted out due to water entering the left rear floorboard from beneath the car.

The tailgate would on occassion not open.

Battery died at 60,000 miles.

The driver's door hinges broke at 45,000 miles and were not covered by the warranty, extended r regular. The dealer stated that sheet metal is not a covered repair.

The air conditioner had to be repair in the summer of 2004. I think it was the compressor. they repaired it under warranty.

When I bought the car the salesman and finance person told me that the extended warranty was just like to factory warranty, just for an extended period of time. It as been amazing how many things are not covered by the extended warranty.

General Comments:

I really like the interior size and flexibility of this vehicle. However, I am very sad to say that all too often I've had to take it back to the shop for repairs.

I have about 1,000 miles or 15 days left on the warranty and am afraid of what will happen next. I think that I am going to start looking for a new car.

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Review Date: 6th November, 2005

2001 Pontiac Aztek 4.3L V6 207 CID from North America


Definite Diamond in the Rough


The only thing that had gone wrong with my car is the door was hyper-extended and now does not close properly, this is my own fault and I'm looking into replacing the door hinges anyway.

Have had the same with the rear hatch not opening on the first try, but it's not annoying at all... it could be worse.

General Comments:

Car is very quick, more than I would expect from a V6.

Have been getting better gas mileage that I expected.

Love the Heads Up Display and Driver Information Center.

Most of these reviews are probably written by people who are either too busy or too lazy or pessimistic to take care of their cars. I'm a college student and drive my Aztek everyday. I love everything about it and I plan on trying to keep it in working order for as long as possible.

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Review Date: 23rd October, 2005

23rd Oct 2005, 22:23

From what I hear, everyone thinks the Aztek is ugly, and they leave it at that. Maybe it is. But they don't look past that to see that it's probably better than their little RAV-4's and CRV's with their 2.weak liter engines and sparse interiors. But I agree with you about caring for your vehicle. By reviews here, it seems like every new car made is a lemon. By the way, as far as the V6 having good power, remember that it's as big as other companies' V8 engines, and there must be something right about it, as it's been used in a huge number of vehicles. If it would fit in my Corolla, I'd use it. And spin the tires until they popped.

2001 Pontiac Aztek GT from North America


Don't buy first year models!


I also have problems with peeling taillights.

My rear hatch doesn't disengage on the first try either.

My factory radio volume button doesn't work right. When I turn it down sometimes the volume goes up and vice versa.

I just found out that I have a slow leak in my engine coolant and now have to replace the head gaskets! I'm still under extended warranty, thank goodness!

The dashboard light behind my fuel gauge has went out.

General Comments:

Aside from all the problems, I really do enjoy the car. It's comfortable and has been a great family car.

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Review Date: 28th September, 2005

30th Sep 2005, 08:50

I've always strongly believed that the first two model years of a vehicle should be avoided. Perhaps it isn't always true, but by the third year I should hope that most of the bugs and design flaws would be worked out.

5th Nov 2005, 13:41

I own a 2001 Pontiac Aztek, and after taking it back to the dealership a number of times because I couldn't seem to get my A/C to cool, I found out that there is a FAULT with my condenser. The warranty company sent out an inspector to inspect the problem. He found that the wrong bracket was installed, and it caused the condenser to go back. No replacement has been made, because the warranty company refused to cover the parts and labor, due to poor design by General Motors.