2001 Pontiac Aztek FWD from North America


Other than the afore mentioned minor glitches, I have had no other problems with this car


Windshield wipers stuck together.

Rear hatch lock sticks.

General Comments:

The wiper problem was fixed once Pontiac recognized the problem.

The hatch lock was fixed, but it still sticks in cold weather.

After reading other reviews I guess I am lucky. I love this car. I have been driving problem free for 33K miles. I have a friend that is considering getting a 2005 she is so impressed. I purchased an extended warranty and wonder if I will have to use it!

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Review Date: 31st December, 2004

9th Jan 2005, 05:08

I also love this vehicle. Unfortunately I had other problems. First off, the Air Conditioner Compressor failed during the summer. It stopped working 6 days before the end of the warranty!!! Lucky me! Wrong, the GM dealership who fixed it, had me back there the very next year, after the warranty on the replacement expired. Had to talk to the District manager to get that one fixed for just the labor cost. Due to the heavy doors on the vehicle, I had problems one the doors swung open and loosend the hinges, which today after multiple repairs from the dealership, still has some play in it. Pain chips near door front. The most recent problem is that I have an Intake Gasket Leak ($800+ to fix). According to the dealer and other mechanics, this is common for this engine! Do yourself a favor and get your RAD FLUSHED, or that System flush they offer to prevent this problem. Never in 1000 years did I ever think I'd have to fix that! It's a 2001!!

After all this... I still love the beast...it's a lot of fun to drive and still gets the looks!

2001 Pontiac Aztek All Wheel Drive 3.4 from North America


This car is like a Corvair, it will make a mark in history... called a stain


The rear hatch doesn't open or close properly. Frequently the button requires numerous attempts to open the hatch.

The door hinges are causing alignment problems. This makes the doors drag at the seams, and are hard to close.

The air conditioner lost all freon, and required a warranty repair.

And today, at 60,000 miles, the transmission is failing. It is jerking into gears, and will not stay in overdrive on the highway.

General Comments:

The vehicle is great of older people because it has flat floors.

It is difficult to see out of because of the heavy pillar design, and the goofy rear hatch design. A wagon tailgate would have been more usable.

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Review Date: 7th November, 2004

2001 Pontiac Aztek from North America


Great style and comfort


My air conditioning never seemed to work well although no problem could be discovered. At 57,0000 miles, the condenser gave out and had to be replaced.

Front brakes were always very noisy and needed to be replaced, along with tires, at 60,0000 miles.

My Aztec consistently burns at least 3/4 of a quart of oil between changes. I was originally told that this is normal during the "breaking in period" for a new car. At 73,000 miles, this pattern continues.

Aztecs` value plummeted drastically soon after I purchased it and continues along this decline.

General Comments:

Over all, Aztec is roomy and comfortable with an attractive, rugged interior.

The all-weather seat cover/floor mat package was well worth investment.

Ergonomic steering wheel feels good in your hands.

Rear seats are easily removed.

Black plastic clad exterior looks sharp, protects well, and is easily cared for. I`ve found that Pledge furniture polish keeps it looking good.

If Pontiac had put as much effort into mechanical quality as they did into innovation, the Aztec would be a true gem.

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Review Date: 6th November, 2004

18th May 2006, 15:36

This review is what I was looking for. I too have a 2001 Pontiac Aztec and have had the EXACT same problems. Always have had problems with the A/C, repaired it 4 times and needs to be repaired again. Along with it burning oil FAST, brakes, sensors, even the fuel gauge this car has cost me thousands of dollars for repairs.

I doubt I will ever buy a Pontiac again.