2001 Pontiac Aztek GT 4.3 from North America


High priced, quality of a Yugo


Engine replaced at 13,000 miles due to oil consumption and cold piston knock.

Seats self destruct due to sharp framework.

Radio replaced due to peeling buttons.

Sunroof cover replaced, when opening and closing rust streaks appeared.

Headlamp assembly replaced due to small thin cracks, looked cloudy.

Tail lamp assembly replaced due to clear coat peeling.

Front drivers seat replaced again.

1500 miles on new engine and piston knock is back. tachometer goes down when stepping on gas before going up. Dealer never could figure it out and said it was normal.

Rear side window leaks, rust colored stains on plastic, dealer fixed leak and replaced interior trim.

Cigarette lighter not working fixed shor in ground.

General Comments:

I loved this car during its first 1500 miles and then it started having problems.

After awhile seats get really uncomfortable.

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Review Date: 8th August, 2003

2001 Pontiac Aztek from North America


I love the vehicle, but am disappointed with the dealer


Tires seem to wear out frequently. It may be a preassure problem, but I'm not sure.

Electrical problems with the radio turning off at random, and the service engine light coming on and loosing all dash functions. This was cause by moisture getting into the electrical box (?). Dealer replaced the corroded leads.

Doors fall forward and bends the hinges. The doors are too heavy and if you park on a hill, the doors will fall forward and bend the hinges. The wind will also cause this to happen if it blows the door forward (so the dealer tells me). Obviously a design defect. They should be using a hinge on the door strong enough to take the weight.

General Comments:

Has anyone else had the door hinge problem? My dealer is trying to tell me it won't be covered under warranty and the cost will be around $300 to fix. I would love to hear from anyone else that may have had this problem as I'm going to fight GM on this defect and get it fixed for free. Please e-mail me at dcull@canada.com if you have.

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Review Date: 21st May, 2003

2001 Pontiac Aztek GT from North America


Problematic to the max!


The windshield mysteriously cracked clear across when snow slid forward off the roof of the car and onto the warm windshield.

The steering has a strange shudder for which Pontiac claims there is no remedy. They say it is "inherent in the design of the vehicle." The car seem to wear out tires more quickly than normal. I believe the steering problem is a likely cause.

Driver's seat has a hole in the fabric thanks to a rough spot on the metal framework.

The air conditioning condenser developed a leak and had to be replaced.

I took the car in for a recall and the dealer somehow managed to mess up the computer which controls many of the interior functions of the vehicle. (gages speedometer etc) It took for trips back to the dealer to get this straightened out.

The radiator cap failed at 30,000 miles and had we not noticed we were not getting any heat out of the heater we could have burned up the engine. To this day we do not get much heat out of the heater.

One of the clips that lock the roof rack down broke. Dealer replaced with one from another on his lot.

Starter hangs up and sounds like a mad cat when you start the car.

General Comments:

We have been VERY disappointed in the Pontiac Aztek.

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Review Date: 13th March, 2003

25th Jul 2003, 17:20

I've had the same condenser problem with mine. Also I have been in contact with a handful of other people in the same boat.

Anyone know how to try to push for a recall, or get GM to recognize theres a problem here?

That being said, our Aztek has been wonderful. Lots of long road trips all over the southeast US, from Atlanta to Austin.

The only trouble I had before the air conditioning was the windshield wipers managed to get stuck where they kind of cross over each other while moving. (Difficult to explain. If you saw the wipers working, you would understand). Replacing the wipers, not just the blades solved the problem.

I also know how to turn off the "Change Engine Oil" light. The guys at the shop always seem to forget to do it.