16th Aug 2003, 16:35

We purchased a 2001 Aztek (new) and have had nothing but problems! 7 times it went to the dealer because the windshield wipers hit each other, and they still hit today. They car shudders when braking. We feel vibrations at different speeds. 5 times the check engine light came on due to vapor leaks. Twice the gas cap has failed to seal. 3 times my wife was stranded because the car would not start due to a defective wire in the ignition system. 3 times the car was returned to the dealer for defective trim. And the trunk release has never worked properly. After 3 times at the dealer to repair the latch we gave up. The car has been parked for 1 1/2 years because each time we drive it, something goes wrong within two weeks.

Check your state for Lemon Laws. The court system works!

27th Aug 2003, 23:56

Sadly, Pontiac Azteks seem to be the newest thing that probably won't be around all that long. The design itself is take it or leave it. Think of the phrase "throwaway car". Ford did it with the Pinto, Chevy with the Citation.. the list goes on. Now, here's the good. If the Aztek is maticulously maintained, you will probably love it.

I had a Mercury Topaz, noted for some problems, but I have taken great care of it, and it's been nothing but a joy.

9th Mar 2005, 13:46

I have a 2001 Pontiac Aztek. All in all a good car with some exceptions. Most notable has been the check engine light comes on for various reasons and then extinguishes itself. I replaced the factory battery and that seemed to solve the problem - I suspect a low voltage issue.

The A/C condenser failed and is in the process of being replaced.

The left driver window motor assembly disintegrated causing the window to fall into the door with a solid crash. I disassembled the door and found the assembly had a small plastic part that had broken.

Other than these issues, not a bad car for a road warrior. I buy cars and use them for 200k miles and then toss them away. I am a 50k per year driver. I will say that I will not buy another Pontiac after the Aztek dies. I will probably look at something more durable.

11th Jan 2006, 17:39

As for the crack in your window, chalk that up to a little ting called thermal expansion. Try getting some of that excess snow off the roof before driving. Mine has 93k on it with no major problems in exception of the air bag light coming on.

17th Feb 2006, 15:44

How do you get the "Change Engine Oil" light to go off? Also, when we start it and let it run it idols very high. Two weeks ago, I also had the window problem. The plastic part in there shattered. When I got it fixed they said not to roll the windows down when it is cold outside. I do love the way it rides.

17th Feb 2006, 23:49

My air conditioner is broken in my 2001 Aztek. Service person said it was a leak in the condenser and would cost over $500 to repair. Of course, the problem occurred right after the warranty was ended.

9th Mar 2006, 05:46

Copying this from another poster:

"The left driver window motor assembly disintegrated causing the window to fall into the door with a solid crash. I disassembled the door and found the assembly had a small plastic part that had broken."

I was wondering how you were able to fix this? Ours also did this, the dealership wants to charge $120 for the whole window kit, we only need the plastic clips.


14th Mar 2006, 10:35

I have this same problem, I would love to know the answer to this problem. I am pretty handy, but the dealer told me you couldn't just get the clips.


Sean Maloney


16th Mar 2006, 15:57

Re: Change Engine Oil light.

I sold my Aztek last year, but I think the way you get rid of the light is to turn the key to the on position, depress the gas pedal 3 times slowly (maybe it was 5?) and then start the car. It tells you how to do it in the manual.

27th Apr 2006, 10:51


2001 Pontiac Aztek:

A/C fails after 1st year

Replaced all tires just after warranty expiration

Cracked plastic moldings around windows (Dealer replaced)

Transmission Problems

Radiator replaced twice

Instrumentation lighting fail

Gas Gauge fail.

Other than that it is a great car if you are a sucker for another north american gem built piece of junk - never again for me - I am just waiting for this one to finally kick the bucket!

2nd May 2006, 12:46

To the person with the $500 repair just after the warranty ended - the service manager at the dealer has some discretion as to repairs post-warranty - if your mileage was low or reasonable, he could have authorized that repair to be covered. I used to process GM warranty claims and I've seen a car with well over 50K get authorized for a new transmission. They're not going to volunteer this info, by the way, but if you're insistent and persistent, you may win.

23rd May 2006, 11:54

I have a Pontiac 2002 Aztec. I just took it in to get it fixed. My warranty is been run out for a while. My A/C is fried. A piece broke off and debris from it went into several other parts of the cooling system. Now I have to find a way to come up with 1200.00 to fix it. So much for my trip to Kentucky in a couple days.

Bummed OUT! In Indiana... looks like maybe a 6 hour trip with no air. UGH..

29th May 2007, 07:31

I have a 2004 pontiak aztek...

Its having start up issues and I believe it's a malfunction in the security system.

29th Jun 2007, 16:03

2002 Aztec has recently run out of waranty, and my A/C is now shot! Looking at a couple of thousand $ to repair!!

21st Sep 2007, 11:41

On our 2001 Aztec we just replaced the condenser due to a freon leak. The mechanic said that although the leak was minor, Chevy built the condenser so that the whole unit needed to be replaced. And lo & behold, a week later the A/C is out again! I'm taking it to the dealership this time.

Also, we had to replace the radiator because the whole cooling system got overrun with gunk in the radiator. The car was overheating, and the gunk was so bad that the entire radiator needed to be replaced. On these problems I've spent about $2,300 and the A/C is still busted.

8th Oct 2007, 23:30

I bought my Aztec, in 2001 it's first year out. I love it and wish they had continued to make this model. It sure can hold a lot, the seats are easy to come out, and for those of us who are tall, excellance leg room. Yes, I have had my issues, first year vehicles usually do. Primary the oil change light. To add a clarifying point to an earlier comment, the three depression of the gas pedal must be completed with in a 5 second window. Early in my ownership years, I did have a problem, I believe it was with the universal joint in about 2003. They repaired it at no cost to myself. My current problem for the past year has been the Anti-lock warning light coming on by the time I have traveled just over a mile in the vehicle. Plus it would not re-start 4 or 5 times last summer, I've had only 1 occurance this summer. The dealership, believes it has something to do with the cables under the drivers seat. Has anyone else had this type of problem? Please let me know how it was solved! This year the fan/air conditioner only works on 4 and 5, hopefully it in a switch problem and not a dead air conditioning system. I'm going to see if a local technical college can do the maintenance it needs at 95,000 miles and resolve these two current problems. I'm sorry to hear later models have had their share of problem. What is the best illlustrative, repair manual that I can get my hands on? An Aztec lover. Jill.