2001 Pontiac Aztek AWD 6cl from North America




I have had my Pontiac Aztek for almost a year now. I love it!! I have not had any problems. Tires needed to be balanced cost 35.00 and it is smooth sailing. I take it camping and pull my travel trailer with it. Who knew you could fit two adult bikes and a childs bike inside the car once you remove one of the seats. This car is nothing short then a steal. The options and costs are great. I don't think I will ever, but another style of SUV again.

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Review Date: 4th November, 2004

2001 Pontiac Aztek 3.4 from North America


I would buy one again since I know some of these issues are corrected in subsequent years


Faulty Body Control Module (resulting in wipers and door locks operating on their own intermittantly.

Faulty heated seat element (twice)

Water pump gone bad at 60,000.

Rear hatch requires two attempts to unlatch.

General Comments:

Gets very good gas mileage for the size/shape of vehicle - consistently 27-28 mpg.

Comfortable ride.

Sits nice and high - good ground clearance.

Quiet ride.

Loads of storage.

On-board compressor is a 'must have'

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Review Date: 13th September, 2004

2001 Pontiac Aztek from North America


I wouldn't buy another one, but love the one I have now, even though we have had so many problems


The Air Conditioning went out at 29,550 miles.

Radio started a loud squealing noise even with the key out of the ignition at 30,000 miles.

The Aztek started driving badly like the fuel filter was clogged up at 30,460 miles.

General Comments:

We talked with the previous owner and he said he was having the same problems with the Aztek as we are having now.

This is the second Air conditioning system put in this car.

All the lights blink in and off warning us of different things.

I am thinking we should have looked at other vehicles before getting the Aztek, but I am in love with it now, even though the dealership has had it longer than we have.

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Review Date: 26th August, 2004

2001 Pontiac Aztek 3.4 from North America


The most useful familly vehicle on the market


The air conditioning quit just before the warranty ended and was fixed at no costs.

As with many others on this site, the rear hatch release does not always work on the first try. I have also noticed it only happens in cold weather. Two different dealership claim there is nothing wrong. Obviously there is! It is annoying more than anything.

The biggest problem is the door hinges! They have put different hinges than on their other SUV of Vans. The hinges hyper flex when the wind catches in them or if you open the door without holding it. My wife is small and she can't open the door without holding it and now both front doors do not close properly. The hinges are terrible. Had to argue with two dealership to get it fixed and still today it is not done properly. One body shop guy told me they have had many complaints, but beside changing the entire hinge (problem will reoccur anyways) nothing can be done. To help the door close without a loud and "painful" thump, one dealer moved (re-positioned) the latch hook and has helped a tad. Has anyone else encountered this problem?

General Comments:

We would buy another tomorrow if something (knock on wood) happened tomorrow!! We love it. With two small kids we have so much room. We have the convenience of the slide out tray and to add at least a foot of room we can very easily remove it. We fit a big stroller, a wagon, luggage and everything else you need with two kids and not have to move or re-position one kid in the back seat!

We have used the camping gear a lot and we should charge admission for the tours we give to other campers. We bring another tent to store the two rear seats (we remove them easily for added room inside the vehicle) and our "stuff" and sleep all four inside the truck. Honest!! It is a little tight, but we are camping and it is much more comfortable than the ground and we are the only "tent" with air conditioning on hot muggy nights!

With kids we only use the rubber mats and they are great to catch spilled milk or accidental spiting up.

The Heads Up Display is nice, but a novelty more than anything.

It's engine is GM's best. The 3.4 is quick and handles really good, but we have been a little disappointed in the gas mileage.

We love the comfort, the room, the usefulness, the camping package. It's a van that is not a van (I refuse to buy a minivan).

As mentioned before we would love to buy another and if we win lots of money we will purchase the Rendez-Vous!

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Review Date: 6th July, 2004

26th Sep 2005, 20:00

I had that hatch problem with my 01 aztek. It is a simple fix. There are 2 rubber bumpers that you unscrew a little bit to put more pressure on the latch so when it opens it pushes out further. I also had problems when the wife opened the door in the wind with the hinges on the drivers side. I was able to bend it back a bit to make it work like normal.