18th Oct 2006, 15:41

Lemon or not, the issue here is a faulty lock that Pontiac should be able to fix. I bought a 2004 Aztek in December 2003, and I love it. But... I've experienced the exact same problem with the rear hatch lock. What I've found works is just holding down the hatch open button, either on the console or on the key fob an extra second or two until I'm sure it hasn't relatched.

19th Jan 2007, 10:04

Still, that doesn't change the fact that you aren't going to win a lemon law case because of a faulty lock.

20th Jan 2007, 22:39

Regardless of how minor the problem may seem, the reviewer has every right to expect that it be fixed. It is sad that not all dealerships care about keeping their customers. We left Ford because of terrible dealer service and we could not be happier with the GREAT service we get from our GM dealership. We got rid of our Mustang and Explorer (both of which were GREAT cars) and now drive a Pontiac and a GMC. We couldn't ask for better, more efficient service. Our GM dealer even made a very minor repair on our GMC at 4,000 miles AFTER the warranty expired at no charge to us. That sort of service keeps people loyal to a brand. I'm sorry the reviewer has not been treated fairly.

25th Feb 2007, 09:59

OK, I do not own a Pontiac Aztek, but we have owned many suv's & so have other friends of ours. The rear lock is normal with most of them. The back hatch is soo heavy, that when you push the unlock button, the hatch latches back into place due to the weight. I've had a problem with that in many suv's & many hatchback cars. I'm not sure about the Aztek, but I know most of the suv's & hatchbacks that I have tried out have had springs that are supposed to push the hatch out so that they don't re-latch. Most springs aren't strong/stiff enough to do that. So I, personally, don't believe that you have a faulty lock. Unless it doesn't unlock it period when pushing the button. I know we also have had vehicles to where the rear hatch wouldn't unlock unless the button was pressed for 2-4 seconds; I was told it was a safety feature. But good luck with everything & I hope that you continue to have good luck with your Aztek.

10th Sep 2007, 21:28

I feel like I'm part of a minority. I like my 2005 Aztek and I'm going to be sad when I finally have to get rid of it.

I admit that I thought the Aztek was ugly when it first came out. When it was time for me to retire my old Jeep Cherokee, I had some specific criteria I used to find my next car. It had to have either 4 wheel or all wheel drive, plenty of cargo space as I like to go antiquing, and it had to get good gas mileage.

My Aztek ended up having all those features plus: it handles well, it has tremendous space in the back seat and lots of headroom and I can get in and out of either the front or back easily (unlike my Jeep).

I was parked next to a guy with a Grand Cherokee at the farmer's market and my husband and I brought out a huge patio tomato to load into the car. The Jeep owner told us we'd never get the plant to fit. Well, maybe not in your Jeep, buddy. We had no problem getting it and several other large plants in the Aztek and all got home without any damage.

I've already been looking around at what I'll have to settle for when the day comes to retire my Aztek. It looks like I'll have to get a van and I don't want something that big. I think they're ugly, too!

11th Nov 2007, 17:48

I just bought a 2005 Aztek that has 35600 miles on it. I really love it so far, but I have only had it for two days! ;^) Yes, the rear hatch is heavy, but I agree with the discussion that it is probably the weight of the hatch that causes it to re-latch, not a faulty latch itself. I have gone through a Windstar mini-van (1997) to a Chevy Blazer (2000) to an Olds Intrigue 2001 (bought in 2004) and now this Aztek. It rides SO WELL, and although it is a basic model without a lot of the frou-frou stuff, it is far roomier than my Olds Intrigue and I understand (from reading about 50 reviews!) it should be great in the snow.

The only thing I don't like about it is the fact that this model did not come with anti-lock brakes, which was apparently not standard on those models during that production year. However, my Olds had ABS AND traction control and I still had problems on ice and snow, which is a given here in northern Indiana. I am looking forward to testing this vehicle during the upcoming winter. Can anyone tell me how my driving will be affected without the ABS system? I know that it's not good to race up to any stop sign, with or without the ABS, and expect to come to a safe halt, but what is the difference between the two kinds of brakes? What should I be aware of and watchful for with these older types of brakes?

15th May 2008, 19:57

This has been the worst vehicle I have ever owned. I have replaced all four wheel bearings. The computer and radio have been replaced. Also a minor problem but I too have had many problems with the hatch not opening especially in the colder months. For some reason I have had some water/melting snow get into the roof and stain the fabric above the visor. Now, when it rains I am getting in water on the drivers side all around the brake and gas pedals. I also work in the automotive industry and would be embarrassed if we produced a vehicle similar to the problems I have experienced with this one. At least I hope we would never put out something like this one. Maybe it was built on a Friday night?!(2005, Pontiac Aztek)

3rd Aug 2010, 13:49

I just purchased my 2005 Aztek not even two days ago, but I love everything about it.

The dealership gave us a great price and the car has a warranty on it. I live in Northern Minnesota and have a feeling that this machine will have no troubles in the snow and the hills.

It is a "unique" looking vehicle, I will admit that, but if you like it, you like it (which I do). There is no rust and the engine runs great.

I am very impressed. I would have never have thought to buy the Aztek until I test drove it.

I would recommend it to anyone.