1989 Pontiac Bonneville LE 3.8 V6 from North America


Quick, Big, Fun


Stabilizer Bar Bushings Corroded (Rusted) through, and popped of while turning. 119,800.

Replaced Alternator 118,900.

Rust-Through on rear wheel-wells.

General Comments:

This car really gets moving. It is amazing for a car this old, and this big to gain speed the way it does, and once you get it going, you better pray that your brakes are working, cause that thing just keeps going. 0-100 in approximately 16 seconds (when bottomed out)

Really comfortable car to be in.

Big trunk.


Paint is still good.

But the only downside to this car is that it eats a lot of gas as it is, but I like to open her up every time I get in, and believe me, if you own one, you know, you can watch that gas gage go down.

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Review Date: 11th March, 2005

8th Mar 2006, 23:22

Actually, I do own one, and I'd have to disagree with you about gas mileage. This car, for being so big, has amazing gas mileage. The main reason for this is you can pick up speed without even touching the gas. If you're on level ground and take your foot off the gas, it keeps speeding up.

It's a bomb. I would swear mine does 0-60 in five and a half seconds, but maybe I was counting poorly when I 'tested' it. (no stopwatch) This car is also indestructible. It WILL run forever. No questions. :)

1989 Pontiac Bonneville SSE 3.8 from North America


Overall, this is the best car I have owned and I plan to keep it


The heating unit sometimes does not start immediately, but will start many minutes after I begin driving. This is a huge problem for me as the winters can be as cold as -40C where I live.

Once in awhile the seat adjustment buttons do not work.

The power windows are very slow and occasionally can't make it all the way up without some help.

If it is colder than -20C occasionally the power locks do not work and I have to go around the car, locking every door individually.

The antennae was easily broken. Never go through a car wash without lowering it! This is very expensive to fix, I was quoted $450 Canadian dollars for the replacement.

The emergency brake got stuck and it was $135 Canadian dollars to fix it.

The car just recently began to rust near the rear passenger side door handle.

The leather seats have a few cracks in them, but I purchased the car in this condition.

General Comments:

This car is amazingly comfortable because the seats adjust so many different ways, you can customize it just how you like it.

There are so many options in the car, I haven't used them all yet.

I have only seen 2 other cars like mine in my city, and I drive quite a bit.

This car is very roomy and perfect for a family or traveling.

This car has always started for me, and doesn't need to be plugged in unless the temperature goes below -20C.

I love the sporty appearance of my car, and the look of it under the hood as well.

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Review Date: 4th March, 2005

22nd Nov 2005, 13:26

The heater is designed to do that... It only comes on after the engine is sufficiently warm (so it doesn't blow cold air on you). You should be able to override that by pressing the fan speed button...

1989 Pontiac Bonneville LE 3.8 cc V6 from North America




Alternator went a few times, bought a new one the last time, not rebuilt.

Cam sensor was hard to diagnose, had to pull the whole cam cover off to replace a $14. magnet.(canadian)

General Comments:

I LOVE my Bonneville, I have professionally bought and sold a lot of vehicles, NONE, compare to this beauty.

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Review Date: 23rd February, 2005

1989 Pontiac Bonneville LE 3.8 V6 from North America


It still holds a special place in my heart


Calibration/memory chip went out in the computer at 175,000 miles.

It had some severe rust problems, but that's any car in Michigan.

I also had problems with the door opening mechanisms failing.

All other problems were in the steering system and resulted from the car being smashed twice while I owned it.

General Comments:

This was an incredibly reliable car that was a joy to take on road trips. I could rely on it every time to get me to and from college (a 3 hour trip). I actually smashed it twice while I owned it (neither time my fault), and I actually paid to have it fixed because this car was THAT reliable. The only other fixes I had to make were a computer chip, both drivers side doors, and a power steering line that had rusted through.

The car drove and handled quite well, even after the smashings. It was a smooth ride with plenty of acceleration and passing power.

I actually wanted to keep it, but I got a really good deal on a newer Buick LeSabre, so I passed it on to my dad's business with 186,500 miles on it. He later sold it when he got a snow plow truck.

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Review Date: 4th February, 2005

29th Jul 2005, 12:43

Hi. I was just wondering what did you do to fix your doors. Also where did you take it to get fixed.

21st Dec 2005, 19:19

I was wondering, what year was your car? I own a 1989 and I am 17. This was a first car for me. The only problems I have encountered was: no blinkers, coil pack, and cruise control is not connecting. Doesn't remember when I push the button. That's about it. Also do you know where I can find two mirrors?

6th Dec 2007, 14:59

The cruise control units on 1989 GM cars were vacuum-controlled units, and as the seals age, they fail and render the cruise system inoperative. As for other parts, try your local junkyard.