9th May 2011, 02:15

The Bonneville is a great car, and the 3.8 is an outstanding engine for high mileage and reliability. Just check the other reviews on the site, everyone loves this car for value and comfort. Like you said, better than a Volvo for way cheaper, in every way.

9th May 2011, 04:43

Volvos are not all that reliable, but these cars are excellent.

9th May 2011, 17:13

I had a good laugh at the title of this review! "More reliable than a Volvo" doesn't sound like a compliment based on our experience with Volvo (an S60). We found our Volvo to be nothing at all to brag about. Our Pontiac Grand Am with 70,000 miles on it was smoother, faster, quieter and much more reliable! I don't regard Volvo (the newer ones at least) to be anywhere near worth their price or reputation. We went from the Volvo to a Lincoln MKZ, and the Lincoln MKZ is twice the luxury car the Volvo was.

10th May 2011, 02:45

My Volvo is close to 400k miles with very little problems - how can that be 'not reliable'?

10th May 2011, 08:32

I had a good laugh at this title too!

We actually went the other way and traded our Lincoln up to a Volvo (S80) - I say 'up' as the Volvo knocks the spots off the Lincoln as well as our Pontiac before. Don't get me wrong, the domestics were fine cars, but the Volvo just has them licked for a far better combination of comfort and sportiness. Build quality far exceeds them too and it's been very reliable over the last 120k miles...

I really can't complain and will be going to Volvo for our next car!

10th May 2011, 23:13

Actually we had driven Lincolns up until 2003 when we tried a Volvo. No comparison. It's an overpriced Camry. We are back with Lincoln to stay.

20th May 2011, 02:32

How many Volvo's have you heard of where the actual engine blows up before 100k miles? That's a very bold statement. I appreciate that not all Volvo's will do 400k, just like not all Pontiacs are reliable!

20th May 2011, 08:18

In reply to " Volvo verses Pontiac" on reliability.


Average life span of the 3.8 GM engine maintained with BELOW AVERAGE oil changes etc is approx 400k to 500k KMs.

Depending on use, it may have required one timing chain replacement at the 300 to 400 km mark, but nothing else, other than a tune up at 200 km.

With proper oil change intervals, they do run up to much higher KMs with no problems.

I have one original 3.8 running at this time at 800kms.

We did try 2 new Volvo wagons in the fleet 6 years ago, but they were spending more time at the dealer than making money. Also, each Volvo dealer visit for repair, cost us money, although they were under warranty. It was one thing after another.

We actually took a big loss on the Volvos, as we had to sell them at 24 months and go to a more reliable vehicles for taxi service (back to GM).

Also, the resale prices on the Volvos were disappointing.

I cannot recommend any European car as reliable, and having a low cost of ownership, as I have tried almost all as taxis with the same results... below average.

29th Jun 2011, 12:53


Nice comments!

The fuel filter was rusted on a couple years ago and I couldn't change it. Uh oh.

Now the fuel pump stopped working. I banged on the bottom of the gas tank and the fuel filter, and it ran again enough to get me home.

I had to cut a gas tank strap and replace a brake line segment. Got a new strap from the junkyard, and noticed the cars there were in better shape than mine. Similar cars had the same parts, but were configured differently to be harder to work on.

The filter came off easily this time. Black gas came out both ends. It took a long weekend and $130. I swear she runs even better now.