4th Jun 2004, 14:33

If you think less than 50,000 miles is low for a wheel bearing... then you should have seen the wheel beraing that went bad on a Ford Taurus which had only...67 miles!!! and no, the odometer did NOT turn over and it worked.

19th Jul 2004, 14:03

Re: some of your misc. comments...

I'm surprised at your mileage comments. I've got an '00 Bonny with 93K on it, and I've never gotten less than 21 mpg city and as much as 31 mpg highway. Do you perhaps have the supercharged engine?

Also, W-H-Y would you ever consider turning off the traction control? It's one of the main safety features that convinced me to buy the car. Gotten me out of plenty of jams with ice and standing water in the roads. Don't turn it off unless you're ankle deep in Georgia mud and trying to "rock" your way out of it.

Same with the daytime running lights. They are on for a reason. Safety, safety, safety. FYI - if you are parked with the engine running you can turn them off by turning the "lamp delay" on and then off again. Day-time running lamps are a great safety feature. Read your manual man!

Sorry about your windows. Doesn't seem right that the dealer refused to fix them, given the circumstances. Maybe another dealer would be a bit more understanding.

Haven't had problems with water at the driver's door, but my trunk lid fills with water when there's the least little rain, then dumps it all into the trunk compartment when you open the lid. Seems to get in where the rear spoiler fastens to the lid. Has from the get-go. I contacted both the dealer and the Mnfr. Mnfr acknowledged it to be a "design flaw", and basically left it at that. The only real complaint I can make about the vehicle.

Good luck to you.

28th Aug 2004, 17:32

About the headlights not shutting off. If you want to shut them off just set the parking brake before you turn the car on. Also, I agree with the other guy, why would you want to shut the traction control off? It helps when the road is slippery.

7th Oct 2004, 17:42

You have to turn traction control off for emission testing; in Illinois, at least... Turning it off also provides better acceleration (I have the SSEi model). I generally leave it on in inclement weather, however.

My driver's side rear window stopped working today. Out of warranty, of course.

If the problem is with that bracket mentioned above, I will just fabricate a new one, I suppose. The dealership did offer to remove the door panel for me at no charge (gee, what a deal).

21st Oct 2004, 13:44

2000 Pontiac Boneville

At 60,000 miles all 3 windows, with the exception of the drivers side quit. Car hitches during normal road travel.

The lights in the car stereo are starting to quit.

I can't change the stereo out because the computer in the stereo controls other things in the car.

19th Jan 2005, 21:16

I have had the same problems on my grand am, what bothers me the most is the fact that the dealer overcharges for the work. It appears that Mr. Good wrench is really out to clean out the pockets of customers. I now take my car to a wrecking yard for repairs, they know all about these cars and fix them faster and Much cheaper than the dealer.

14th Dec 2005, 22:48

The reason why you are having tire problems is because you replaced a tie rod end and did not check your alignment.

1st Mar 2011, 14:45

Stop driving over curbs then you won't have a bearing problem.

2nd Mar 2011, 19:13

LOL, those really are not uncommon parts to need to be replaced. Electric windows from the early 90 to early 2000's always had problems, no matter who it's made by. And like the previous posters said, you're eating up tires because you changed a tierod yourself without an computer alignment, which is required to be done after a tie rod was replaced. It's not bad engineering on GMs part that is causing uneven tire wear.