4th Mar 2006, 06:13

I get 14 to the gal. in the city and 32 hwy

WHY buy a small car.

12th Feb 2008, 10:41

Yeah you probably did something wrong because I got my 1995 bonneville SSEi for $ 3,300 and spent on $ 1,000 on it and I've had it for 4 years and going no problems with at all.

Highway mixed with city I get about 25 - 28 mpg. However just the city driving I get 16 MPG. That's the only bad thing.

21st May 2010, 06:19

Pontiacs are junk. After about 1970 or so, they were very poorly built.

And don't get me started on any FWD garbage like the 6000, Bonneville etc.

Good riddance to you Pontiac!!! Lemonville brand of GM. This is why people went to Honda and Toyota.

21st May 2010, 17:50

To the comment above: for your information, Pontiacs from the 70's through the mid eighties were very well built, especially if one was equipped with a Pontiac V8, which were indestructible. In 1985, when most models switched to unibody, front wheel drive is when quality and reliability started to decline. You can keep your tin can Toyota and Hondas, which today have just as many recalls as domestic cars.

22nd Jun 2015, 00:29

Hi, I ran a 1988 Bonnie LE at 330k km. Great ride and low maintenance I'll say. Parked it after that because of brake issues, but when parked the engine still ran strong and the tranny shifted well. The BEST car I've ever owned for the snowy winters; heavy front end with amazing traction.

22nd Jun 2015, 10:22

My best car mechanically, other than an Acura Legend, was my 90 Bonneville. Great handling, and loved the room and dash display. Close to 250k on it. I sold it in 2008, and the person I sold it to still drives it on long commutes. I also had a Pontiac 6000 loaded; even the luggage rack. It was a great car as well. The only weakness is paint on these cars. But that was after a decade or more of ownership.