2nd Oct 2003, 08:02

Hi, I live near Lawrence kansas. I own a 88 GT, 5 speed with the 2.8 L. I love the car. The only problem in the car that I have encountered is that my clutch slips, and it needs replaced. I think the 2.8L provides far enough power, for the car is very light. They have been dynoed between 150-160 horse, way more than needed for a light car. It runs fine with 140,000 miles (I plan to rebuild the engine at 145,000). The car is in perfect condition, except for the bit of faded plastic on the spoiler, and I will hang on to it, upgrade it for as long as I possibly can. Thank you for the insights on the problems, I will check them out.

29th Dec 2004, 10:15

I just got a Pontiac Fiero GT. It is silver with 115,000 miles on it. I am financing the car for $3,750. I really love the car, it gets me place to place in style, and quickly. I am just glad I had the chance to purchase one. My friends say it is a death trap, but others can think what they want, but I am really happy with what I got. Fiero's are sweet looking cars and that is what I like.

26th Jul 2005, 19:16

Thank you for a very objective review. I've had two of these cars used and I like them a lot. Your right it's old tech, cheap left over parts, that looks better than it actually is... welcome to GM! You pointed out a few of this cars weaknesses there are more believe me. I drive Japanese because I can't afford European. The way the Fiero started out, what it became, what it was trying to be and how it ended. For what it was for the price you can't knock it. You get what you pay for in life, the brakes and suspension are easily upgraded inexpensively with grand prix, barretta, grand am etc... parts larger vented brakes are available. If you beat it it will break these cars are not know for bulletproof reliability, but the 2.8 multi port was a good motor and the 5 speed Muncie Getrag was an old Porsche design. Take off the catalytic converter these cars have a beautiful sound to them, but not much in the balls department. Buy one used do a V8 conversion and for under ten thousand you've got a pretty quick ride.

6th Feb 2008, 22:18

I just bought a 1987 poontiac fiero I ll replace header gasket hope everything works out.

8th Feb 2008, 22:59

I owned one for 3 days. Buy a truck; they are safer, faster and hold the road better. That car spun like a top around corners and almost killed me. No way in hell is that a sports car.

Junk fresh of the showroom floor. Buy an American truck; that's what Americans build best.

10th Feb 2008, 10:54

So, you owned a Fiero for 3 days? I've owned mine for over 13 years. My Fiero has never "spun like a top around corners" in all that time.

I had to laugh at your truck comments; "safer, faster and hold the road better". Trucks and SUVs aren't even required to meet the same safety standards as cars. In fact, the Ford Explorer is so prone to roll over, U-Haul won't even rent trailers to people that own them:


By the way, the Fiero crash tested much better than full sized cars like the Ford Crown Victoria or the Chevy Caprice.

Honestly, it sounds like you wanted a truck and not a sports car. Nothing wrong with that. I'll tell you one thing though, they will be selling ice cream in the Warm Place the day a truck out-corners my Fiero GT.

1st Aug 2008, 13:13

In reference to the spinning out comment. My son bought one a year ago and I warned him that rear engine cars will come around on you, especially when wet. I learned this from experience because I owned one of the first Porsche's with a turbo. The turbo lag was so bad that it would sometimes spool up while you in a corner and put you in a 360 before you knew it.

My son and I put the 3800sc engine in it. Upgraded to better brakes and suspension and now it will corner, accelerate and brake predictably.

9th Aug 2008, 02:22

I have been driving my Fiero GT for about 4 years now. Yes, the mid-engine takes just a bit of getting used to. Fine, whatever. But to say that a pickup can in any way handle better than my little Fiero is simply laughable. If nothing else folks, any vehicle whose lower door frame is eye level with me when I am sitting in a Fiero is way to high to corner with any real authority.

16th Nov 2008, 19:43

Passed by a truck hauling a refrigerator? Yes, you were driving conservatively and there's nothing wrong with that. It's just that it's unfair to blame the car for it. Of course it's true that a mid or rear engine car will handle differently. If you are good at it though, you can account for how a mid/rear engine car handles and can then use it to your advantage. But there is no turbo lag on a stock Fiero because well... no turbo.

Here's some interesting comparisons:

The V-6 Fiero hit.84-.86g on the skidpad (4-cyl was roughly.80-.82g)

Porsche 911 Carrera ->.85g (the Carrera 4 was at.83g)

Ferrari Testarossa ->.84g

Lotus Esprit Turbo ->.86g

Lamborghini Diablo VT ->.87g

Acura NSX ->.87g

Acura Integra GS-R ->.82g

Pontiac Firebird Trans Am/Formula ('93+) ->.82g-.85g

Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX ->.86g.

Ferrari, Lamborghini, Lotus? The little Fiero was running right up there with the big boys, not bad at all. But the main thing is... just have fun with them.

31st Jan 2009, 18:05

I had an 85 four cylinder for one and a half years, and some of the comments ring true.

However one must take into consideration its limitations and origins.

Yes the handling is great... up to a point. One can get over their heads easily if you don't know the specifics of a mid-engined cars peculiarities.

The interior is light years better than a Corvette. The Corvette always seemed cramped & claustrophobic.

With the car now achieving cult-car status, there is much that can be done to the Fiero to bring about its full potential. Myself, I will soon start a business dedicated to a specific engine swap. All to guarantee the magnificent Fiero lives on.


23rd Mar 2009, 14:35

I have had my 85 Fiero GT for about 6 months. It has a nice body kit on it with aftermarket spoiler and rims.

Anyway, about the cornering. I understand about what the guy with the truck said. I had the same problems. Then I went and got some Goodyear triple treads. I can no longer make it "slide". The tires hold ANYTHING I want to throw at it. And I mean anything. I feel completely safe, regardless of the weather.

As far as power goes, it could use some help if it is still stock. I put a Hypertech power chip, k&n air filter, MSD coil, accel wire, Bosch platinum four plugs in it, and it made a huge difference. It is faster. Sounds better. And it only cost about $275.00.

As far as fun goes, I love it! Would not trade it for anything. Best car I ever had. I love to show it off. I am very proud of it.