17th Oct 2008, 11:54


I have around 20 of these between my kids, wife and brother. They all run and drive. It cost me 100.00 per year to insure, tag each one. They run well, fun to play with, 5 star safety rating, and the kids can't pile a ton of other kids in the car. It makes me laugh to hear people talk about how unsafe or that they are fire hazards. Most of them have never driven one. The 88 handles the best but by no means do the earlier ones handle poorly. If you compare 80s tech to 2008 tech, yeah they may lack a bit, ABS, power assist steering on new cars. but compare apples to apples for the years and they were ahead of their time.

17th Nov 2009, 13:24

Well I've owned 10-12 Fieros in my life. Just bought another one two weeks ago, love them, fun little car. I'm 54 and not going to sell this.

27th Mar 2010, 15:57

Not luck, you must have been running low on oil and you may not have even known it. Some of the Fieros had dipsticks that were not marked correctly, which lead drivers to think they had enough oil when they were actually running 1-2 quarts low. This would also cause the rod to get brittle and break, and go through the engine.

22nd Sep 2016, 02:16

I am original owner of SE 1984 Fiero which is now 32 years old. The 'Duke' had casting flaw(s) causing antifreeze leak into the engine bearings, therefore the engine was rebuilt at 25,000 miles. GM after some delay, agreed to absorb the cost. Today the car has just over 95K actual miles, engine just 75K.

Next was the overheating, fire issue, which was recall dealer performed, though never had a fire of any kind. Replaced both rear deck solid-panels with V-6 vented panels and used lower temp thermostat. Stainless tubes replaced all rusted-steel (a plumber's nightmare), cost 1,300 at a repair shop that had a 600 dollar estimate.

I traded my one owner '73 Camaro LT (65K miles) that commenced to have body rust after 11 years for the '84 Fiero SE.