2nd Sep 2001, 00:10

I too own an 85GT, and they are awesome cars. There is not a thing wrong with my baby, plus it is pretty much new considering there is only 23,000 original km's on it. And on top of that, the chicks LOVE my car. I personally think the 85GT is a better looking car then the 88GT. I don't care for the cheap looking rear window effect they tried doing.

Not a thing has broke on my car. Only thing that I needed to do was replace the whole brake system and stick a new muffler on it.

I love my car! It's fast, slick and sporty.

2nd Nov 2001, 14:45

I also own an 1985 GT and agree with you. I really love my Fiero and would much rather have an 85 than an 87 or 88, but I have had many problems with it. My "winter beater" has almost become my "summer cruiser" because I am always working on the Fiero. But don't get me wrong, I love the car.


3rd Aug 2007, 14:46

Well, you guys are the lucky few. That, or because you bought the car late, all the others are in junk yards by now. I had the misfortune of buying an 85 Fiero GT in 1987. During the next five years before I could afford to get something else, I had the oil leak/engine fire recall performed as well as three clutch replacements because the engine leaked so bad it soaked the clutch, four fuel pumps (after the third one, the mechanic said to never let the tank get more than half empty, alas his advice did not help, and that went failed too), the ignition module and this was all before it reached 50k miles. It was really fun to drive, but left me stranded six times. Twice on a major freeway. Then I foolishly bought another 1985 GM product. Suffice to say Cadillac in 1985 was almost as bad.

10th Apr 2011, 18:54

I owned an 85 GT. It should have been called an 85 good grief what next. All it ever did was leave me stranded. I spent 5000 dollars on trying to keep it running over a 3 year period. How could something be built so badly?

It has a wider turning radius than my Mustang Convertible. How did they do that? Not to mention try turning the wheel at a dead stop.

And they rust furiously. Remove some body plastic and you're in for a rusty awakening. Pull back the trunk liner, and yes you can view your wheel houses.

The car always had an I'll start when I feel like it attitude.

23rd Sep 2014, 07:58

My friend is 81 years old and has a 1985 Fiero 2M4. Only owner. Red, 59,843 original miles. Beyond excellent condition. What should she ask for a price? Thanks.