1985 Pontiac Fiero 2m4 2.8 L from North America


This car is fun


These are the things that went wrong.

New parts:



CV joints


All new suspension

New doors

Power window switches

General Comments:

This car is most fun car I have ever had. It performs well and gives a good sporty, fast feel when driving it. The seats are one of the best parts, with the speakers in the head-rests which give a real nice sound.

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Review Date: 19th July, 2001

1985 Pontiac Fiero GT 6 cylinder from North America


My Fiero GT is a keeper!


The air conditioning unit was replaced at about 110,000 miles.

The seats need to be replaced.

The engine light has recently begun to come on. However, the car seems to be running well.

General Comments:

This car is so much fun to drive that I do not plan on selling it (I am a Corvette owner!)

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Review Date: 13th July, 2001

14th Jul 2001, 22:25

That engine light is most likely your oxygen sensor is bad. There are codes accessable by you, I found the instructions in my haynes repair manual. It tells you what is giving the computer an error signal.

1985 Pontiac Fiero GT 2.8 liter from North America


Great looks, great style, great value, the FIERO!!!


The retractable headlights did not work when I first bought the car; however a simple and inexpensive rebuild fixed the problem.

Shortly after the car was purchased the coolant fan switch needed to be replaced. Another simple and inexpensive repair.

The Constant Velocity Shaft on the drivers side had to be replaced, as a result in a fracture in the CV joint housing. This repair wasn't cheap, and very difficult to do by yourself, if you don't have the proper tools. *hint *hint.

The only other repairs were normal maintenance items: tires, wires, distributor cap, rotor, spark plugs, lubricating the power locks, lubricating the power windows, upgrading the "less than ideal" sound system.

And it needed a good cleaning!!!

General Comments:

I absolutely love the Fiero. The car handles, and runs with the best of them. It has the feel and ride like it's European relatives, but the feel, price, and reliability of it's American brothers. I would recommend the Fiero to anyone who is suffering Camaro, or Corvette withdrawls!! It has the feel, yet a price tag that nearly everyone can afford.

The only problems with the car are the unsatisfactory stock sound system, and the fact that Pontiac doesn't still make the FIERO!!!

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Review Date: 10th July, 2001

1985 Pontiac Fiero GT V6 2.6L(?) from North America


Very cute and sporty


Speakers fade from one side to the other. (Replacing them.)

Starting to burn oil through the valves.

Gas tank seems to be small, not sure though.

No air conditioning, it's a black car so it gets very hot in the summer.

Sunroof (manual) is difficult to deal with, you have to jiggle it just right to close it properly.

Sunroof lining beginning to deteriorate.

No power steering, so parking is a bit of a hassle at times.

Car is low to the ground so I may be forced to park it over the winter.

I bought it used, so I am not sure if there was something to prop up the trunk lid (back), so in the mean time I have to hold it.

General Comments:

The car has good pickup and is quite fast.

Sounds more powerful than it actually is.

Not very practical (two seater), but still awesome to drive.

Handles corners awesome, as there is no power steering. I love it!

Very low to the ground so in general you can drive fast and not flip the thing!

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Review Date: 3rd July, 2001

15th Sep 2001, 00:00

Calling a Fiero "impractical" depends on your definition of the term. I've had people tell me that a two seat, mid engine car with minimal cargo space is the stupidest, most "impractical" thing they've ever heard of. Then they drive away, by themselves, in their $40,000, eight passenger mega huge SUV (that will NEVER go off road) and get 15 miles to the gallon. Who exactly is the impractical one here anyway?

1985 Pontiac Fiero SE V-6 2.8 efi from North America


Awesome car, 120 mph+


Burned up clutch, raced too much. $850.

Car pushes under heavy acceleration in corners, a hand-full on wet roads.

General Comments:

Love the car, would purchase again if it was an automatic.

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Review Date: 2nd April, 2001

1985 Pontiac Fiero GT 6 cyl from North America


Bring back the Fiero GT


Well let me first say I am a Fiero fan all the way!

Things that went wrong... radio never worked right since I owned the car - took it to the dealer, took it to an independent shop - no luck..

Lots of electrical headaches... same as the radio...

Very small oil leak.

General Comments:

If you really want a Fiero, make sure all recall work has been done, go for a 87 or 88..(any model), 1988 GT will be the best to own. Use the Internet to find tons and I mean tons of great info on the Fiero. Stay away from 1984/85 Fieros unless you own another car.

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Review Date: 13th September, 2000

3rd Mar 2001, 17:45

I agree that the Fiero is an awesome and unique car. I would like to point out that even the 84's and 85's are an excellent value though. I have many Fieros including the early models, and have nothing but Kudos for all years.

30th Jun 2001, 10:45

Your luck was/is better than most.

Congrats 2 You!