1985 Pontiac Fiero GT 2.9L MPFI V-6 from North America


Built right, an inexpensive but world-class sports car


As I was starry-eyed, 17, and made a fairly quick deal, I bought a former SCCA SOLO II race car and did not check it out enough mechanically. BIG mistake!

The guy I bought it from HAD upgraded the pads (Carbon Metallic) and calipers (reman AC Delco), X-drilled the front rotors, put in new clutch disks, rebuilt the engine with a rumpier cam and ported heads/ intake/ exhaust manifolds, AND put in Eibach springs, poly bushings, and KYB shocks... THAT I knew and could see...

But otherwise, the car had the hell beaten out of it, and I had parts breaking every week.

The car was an absolute rustbucket - the rear upper framerails were almost gone - so before you buy YOUR Fiero spend two seconds and take off the rear fenderwell plastic covers. If I had I would not have bought this thing to begin with.

The clutch blew twice in like 500 miles.

The brakes always felt scary-weak.

The tires had NO tread and I almost got into two serious accidents due to that.

The engine had problems with stalling, gumming up the throttle body, and delivering VERY poor fuel economy.

And I more general tough-shifting problems.

The water pump, battery, and alternator all went in less than a month.

ALL of this was mainly because the tranny was abused before I bought it, the car had 100,000 miles on it (things WILL need replacing around this point on any car), and the guy who had modified it did NOT put all back together as well as he said he did.

General Comments:

'84-87 Fieros had fairly crappy suspension designs grabbed from the Chevette and Citation. And mine had bald tires. That said, it handles like nothing else - the steering is ultra-precise (manual), the ride is very controlled, it is rock-stable up to any speed you want. 50/50 balance and 4w independent suspension means you will never go back to anything less again.

The interior, in a word, is perfect. Comfort and ergonomics are top-notch.

Visibility is bad, and there are dangerous blind spots - especially if yours has 5% limo tint all-around... You can't have everything!

With the 3.65 final-drive Muncie 4-speed and the modified 2.8L screamer that pushed 175hp, acceleration was VERY fun. With such deep gears and NO power above 5400rpm, you weren't gonna destroy people on the highway, but you still had plenty of go in the 1:1 4th gear. Destroyed any of the local imports and the boulevard races, and even took an auto 5.0L 'Stang. If I ever had taken it to the drags, I bet I could've dipped into the very high 14s.

The Fiero has its clutch and brake problems, however they are solvable...

Buy an unabused, rust-free southern '88 with its better suspension, have patience with the clutch and brake bugs, and have the choice to convert it to at least a dozen or so different engines, including the similar 3.4L V-6 and the all-aluminum, torque-monster Cadillac 4.9L V-8... all for not too much!

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Review Date: 28th January, 2002

1985 Pontiac Fiero GT 2.8 V6 from North America


A small price for a small car


"Small" exhaust leak problem turned into a $700 headache. As I was trying to unscrew the bolts that hold on the manifold, they all cracked in half inside the head. Had to get the heads re-drilled and machined.

Passenger side headlight motor went. Replaced it.

Two of the four calipers seized, also had a brake line crack, while I was driving.

Went through two fuel pumps and a relay.

Interior is in fairly good condition.

General Comments:

Love the car. Handles very well and accelerates smoothly, but I wish it had more power. It seems a bit slow, but maybe it is just deceptive. I would certainly buy another one if I could find one that was also an 1985 GT with very low mileage on it.

Also seems like the driver's padding in the seat, or the springs, need to be replaced.

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Review Date: 2nd November, 2001