1989 Pontiac Firebird Coupe 2.8L V6 Multi-Port FI from North America


The deal of my life!


Timing chain.



Front suspension.

General Comments:

This car is so reliable, I still can't believe it! People where I live were saying that I should buy something like an Import, but man, my car is so much more reliable than all my friends Import cars... Now I'm addicted to these cars, so far I still have this Firebird and I used to have a 1988 Pontiac Trans Am GTA that I loved so much, but needed to sell because I needed cash.

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Review Date: 23rd March, 2004

1989 Pontiac Firebird Formula 5.7 Tuned Port Injection from North America


A very fast and strong vehicle


The rear spoiler which is made of rubber had cracks and the clips that hold it down on the rear window were all broken.

The motor mounts and transmission mount were all worn out.

The struts were blown.

The fuel pump gave out.

The part of the computer that works with the chip in the ignition key was fried making it unable to start the car.

General Comments:

This car was not taken care of by it's previous owner.

A lot of the work I have done to it has been from wear over the years.

One thing that has to be remembered is that parts wear out over time and my car was 11 years old when I purchased it.

I replaced the engine with a GM crate motor and had the computer replaced.

There is a prom that goes in the computer that can be updated for better performance.

I replaced the prom with one custom burned to calibrate the air/fuel ratio and engine performance and added the pleasure of eliminating the pass key system.

I made several performance upgrades that are too numerous to list, but I have to say this car is awesome.

The WS6 performance package really makes the car handle great at high speeds and corners.

I believe if the car was taken care of by its original owner, I would not have had to make so many repairs.

I have my car built for engine performance, but the rest of the car handles the power without a problem.

This car is structurally sound, even with the t-tops.

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Review Date: 24th February, 2004

14th Nov 2004, 12:24

Why does the fuel pump not run when the key is on. Have to crank it a few times before it starts. Do they make a better rear spoiler?

1989 Pontiac Firebird GTA 350 TPI from North America


Excellent bargain


I have put a new motor in the car, and now I am working on putting in a used transmission.

I have had to put new tires on it, and I have replaced the battery.

I have replaced the seats and the console.

General Comments:

This car is awesome, it handles nicely and go pretty fast.

The interior is excellent and it seems like you are riding in a newer vehicle.

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Review Date: 6th October, 2003

9th Oct 2003, 07:56

This was an excellent survey, couldn't have written it better myself.

1989 Pontiac Firebird 2.8 from North America


Lovin' it more than my boyfriend!!


Tailpipes and muffler fell off.

Pan gasket... need I say more.

General Comments:

Pretty quick for a 2.8 V6.

Aside from maintenance, my baby's never given me any problems.

I've driven Ford, Dodge, and Jap-crap. I started with GM and I'm stayin' with GM. Nothing else even compares. My first car was an 80 Tran-Am 301 V8.

Fast, good lookin', and reliable; nothin' beats a Firebird! All years, All models. xoxo Jennifer.

My t-tops don't leak, my headlights still pop up and down without any problems. Power door locks, windows, mirrors, truck release all are in perfect working condition!

As long as I keep up on maintenance (maintenance is the key) I know my Firebird will last me a long, long time. Runnin' good, and ridin' in style.

xoxo Jennifer

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Review Date: 4th September, 2003

1989 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am GTA 305 from North America


Great power, handling, looks and getting harder to find


Replaced the gas tank at 78,000 miles and since we had the tank out we also change the fuel pump.

Replaced the rear hatch shocks.

Replaced the front and rear struts.

Replaced the tires.

Replaced the coolant temperature sensor.

In the process of fixing the emergency brake.

General Comments:

This is our 10th Trans Am in this body style. I'd have to say I love this one the best (except for the color).

It is a very hard to find GTA 305 tuned port with a 5 speed manual transmission. We've owned both the 305 tuned port/Automatic and the 350 tuned port/Automatic. We currently also own a 350 tuned port automatic now.

I will have to say this car runs just as good as a 350/Automatic one. It's also funner to drive. I just absolutely love this car and hope to never get rid of it.

I love the looks inside and out. It runs great! It handles great! My biggest complaint is the ride, but if it rode nicer it wouldn't handle as good.

I would recommend a Trans Am any day over a Mustang or a Camaro. The Camaro drive-line is the same, but the looks and styling are far more superior!

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Review Date: 1st September, 2003

9th Apr 2006, 14:08

Can you please tell me did you have to drop the rearend when you changed the fuel pump?

22nd Aug 2010, 23:54

To do it "correctly" you must unbolt the shocks and traction bar, then drop down the rear until you can take out the springs... after removing the guards and tank supports, it comes out easily. But... you can also cut an access panel in the trunk to get to the pump from the top of the car, just make a nice cover for it and put it on a hinge or screw it down somehow. I didn't because I didn't want to cut the metal (I am OCD with keeping my car as unmolested as possible), but it makes things a LOT easier when changing the pumps out.