1999 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am WS6 5.7L LS1 from North America


Rare, underrated, loud, fast and mean


Threw a rod. Cost $5,700 to get a re-manufactured engine replaced.

Paint on the ram air hood is bubbling from engine heat.

Goes through tires like you wouldn't believe.

Inside is full of cheap plastic. That means it's a noisy and squeaky ride.

General Comments:

Fairly rare car. I don't see many Firebirds, I see even less Trans Ams, and even less with the WS6 package. I can go months without seeing an actual WS6.

It's fast enough. About 5.4 seconds to 60, 13.6 second 1/4 mile and a top speed of (according to GM) a drag limited 165mph.

It has a 346ci (5.7l) pushrod V8. The engine is the same LS1 found in the Formula Firebird, Z28 Camaro, SS Camaro, Corvette, GTO, and CTS-V.

Mine has 370 HP and 390 torque, but when stock, the '99 WS6 has 320 HP and 335 torque.

It has an ugly interior and is a noisy ride. The car has a ridiculous and infuriating Skip-Shift feature.

The 6 speed manual has bragging rights, but the boot and knob are unsightly, and the throw feels like you're pulling back a yardstick and not a shifter. A short throw shifter is an aftermarket must.

Overall, it's fun, good looking, and works right.

I average about 23 MPG, and I think I could pull 24 or 25.

Rare and cheap. I'd say to get one.

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Review Date: 7th May, 2013

7th May 2013, 10:06

"Threw a rod."

- That doesn't say much for the LS1!

1999 Pontiac Firebird 3.8 V6 from North America


A great V6 car that will eat most Mustangs


The fuel pump at 96K, and it eats headlights like crazy.

General Comments:

I was in the market for a Trans Am, but being on a cheap budget, I took what I could get.

I looked for 6 months, looking for a 1998-02 Trans Am. But pickings were few to little. Then one day I was heading home and found a 1999 V6 Firebird. She was silver and the sharpest thing on the lot. I looked and saw it was a V6, and was not happy, but I took it for a test drive. I bought it when I came back.

After adding a Magnaflow exhaust, cold air intake, and a computer chip, she flies. Also I added slotted rotors. The car handles great; a little on the heavy side, but it's very tight. The t-tops are great in the summer, and the Monsoon audio system is great.

It's really only a two person car, because the back seats are so small you would have to have no legs to sit back there.

The truck space is limited, but it's not a large car.

The interior has held up nice. One small crack in the dash, and the door panels have a crack on each one. I've noticed Firebirds that have the same issue.

The paint is still in great condition.

I keep synthetic oil in it, and change the oil every 3-4K miles.

The insurance is really cheap, and it still looks great for being 13 years old.

I plan on getting my T/A, but these are great cars, and if you can find one, get it. Have a nice day.

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Review Date: 25th December, 2011

31st Dec 2011, 18:31

A V6 Firebird automatic that eats most Mustangs? Yeah, okay! Let's be realistic here. The 99 Mustang was a 5.8 seconds to 60 car, while your Firebird limped to 60 in over 8 seconds. A cold air intake isn't going to add that much power. If you are talking about other Mustang V6 and 4 cylinder models, then you probably did have the advantage back in 99. Most people in 4 or 6 cylinder Mustangs aren't looking to race though. Overall, your car isn't all that fast.

1999 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am 5.7 LS1 346 from North America


Unique looking muscle car with tons fun to be had.


Hmmm, normal maintenance like tires/brakes.

Nothing else went bad at all while I owned it, was still on original clutch.

General Comments:

Super fast car that looks great with the ram air hood, and added 30th stripes like mine had. Some people didn't even know what kind of car it was, but said it looked awesome. Got lots of comments on it.

I had done a good amount to it, visual wise and performance wise. Was a ton of fun to play with this car. It handled great, and even better when I added subframe connectors. Those also helped a lot with the feel of the car. I could go on for hours and hours about it, but basically it's just a great car, that looks great and not dated at all, very reliable if maintained and not beat on, and does decent on gas. I was about to get 27mpg on my daily commute which is like 85% highway and 15% city, when I kept my foot outta it. I mostly averaged around 22mpg.

I only sold it to get a Corvette, and almost regret it, but I haven't got my Vette yet, so.

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Review Date: 10th September, 2009