19th Feb 2005, 19:56

Must not be a FOOL with enough money. Don't hate the WS6, Hate the bank that won't finance one for you or the Ins. company that won't insure you or possibly even the wife that just won't let you have one.

3rd Mar 2005, 21:21

I currently own a '99 Trans Am with the T56 and I have loved it ever since I drove it for the first time. General Motors' worst mistake ever was to stop the production of the 4th gen f-bodies, especially the trans am. Being an Automotive Technician I have test drove a lot of vehicles and nothing has even come close to the same performance of the Trans AM, except the occasional Corvette or a new Cobra. These new LS1 3rd gen small blocks have revolutionized the Chevy 350 and produce a great amount of power and torque. According to the guys at Hot Rod Magazine, these new LS1 based motors will outlive the old 350's. I have had a few problems with my TA though: I had to replace the outer pinion bearing which was defective, the hatch is a pain sometimes (although I found if you Armoral the weatherstripping it releases better), and I always have these loud "rice burners" in my rear view mirror. Anyways, these are great cars and if I ever get rid of mine I will end up with another one. But for you Ford guys, I do give a lot of credit to the new Cobras and I would have both cars if I could afford the insurance.

12th Jan 2006, 20:45

All I want to comment on, is how much I LOVE my '01 WS6. All I did to the engine was, get rid of the (granny) air baffles, installed racing wires, +4 plugs, a larger (M.A.F.) sensor, and made the hood active. The only problem that I notice now is, nobody will go for pinks!

23rd Feb 2006, 19:33

My 2001 WS6 Convertible is a rare car. You don't see many of these on the road. It is a great car and fun to drive. Pontiac has to bring back this car because the GTO will never make it in it's current form and Pontiac fans need something to desire.

10th Aug 2006, 00:38

Guys, I read a lot about this car, it looks amazing and seems everybody love it. I wanted to buy v8 air ram, but nobody wanna sell it, I think that's telling me something. But I found a lot of Camaro V8s.

About insurance - somebody said "I pay 390$ per month with 2 points"...??? Are you crazy? Even if live in New York, go to small village agency and insure your car for about 1000-1500$ per year with 2 points, that's about 100$ month.

11th Dec 2007, 09:44

Love this car. I'm only 16 and I plan on buying one in june. But insurance isn't that much for me. I live in michigan and if I had a 2000 Pontiac Firebird WS-6 Trans AM it would cost me only 178 a month for ins.