2001 Pontiac Firebird Base Coupe W68 3.8 from North America


Great looking car that turns heads everywhere I go


Transmission was throwing a code when I bought it. Turned out to be the torque converter. Changed it for $600 and has been fine ever since.

Had to replace ignition coils once at 100k miles.

Window motor needed to be replaced.

General Comments:

I love the looks of this car. I am constantly getting comments how good it looks.

I really like the roominess of the interior in the front seats. I am 6'4" and my Firebird is the only car I can stretch my legs comfortably in.

Gas mileage wise, I get 22mpg around town and I have gotten 32mpg on the highway doing 65-70 the whole way, with 100k miles on the engine.

It's pretty quick for a V6, however the V6 Firebird with the performance package is quicker due to the gearing, which I do not have.

The W68 appearance package looks amazing!

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Review Date: 15th December, 2010

2001 Pontiac Firebird Formula LS1 from North America


It's a quick, reliable and good looking car


The roof on my 2001 Formula started to blister with about 10,000 miles on it.

I have always garage kept this car, and always kept it washed and waxed.

Now it's gotten to the point where I'm going to have to have it fixed, because there are many more.

I didn't even bother with notifying GM because of the poor response I've gotten in the past.

I've been more than disgusted with them over the years because of their poor service. I bought this car brand new, and approached them more than once about a stinky cat. problem, and was told more than once to change the brand of gas I use. I know they're having a cat. problem, but it's like pulling teeth. Their arrogance has continued even after they took my hard earned money in a bail out.

General Comments:

Overall I like the appearance of the car and enjoy driving it. It's real fast and handles well.

It can be a little noisy inside, but that's why it has a monsoon stereo.

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Review Date: 13th March, 2010

15th Apr 2010, 19:27

I received a letter from Pontiac dated December 2006 that stated there was a problem with "some 2001 model year Pontiac Firebird vehicles equipped with the 5.7L V-8 engine, which may have a failure of the left or right catalytic converter".

The "Service Engine Soon" light would come on every so often, so I had the codes pulled and it gave something like "Rightbank Cat Under Threshold". I had to get it inspected and we have a smog check here, so I knew it wouldn't pass. Luckily, I remembered the letter from Pontiac!

I took it to Pontiac, and yes, one cat was bad! Long story short, they ended up replacing BOTH of them! The letter says 10 years or 120,000 miles, so you should still qualify!

I hope this helps, and I hope this works, because I have a copy of the letter posted at http://www.streetfire.net/photo/1918229.htm. We need to get this info out to ALL 2001 Firebird owners, so GM will fix their mistake!


2001 Pontiac Firebird Ram Air 5.7 petrol from UK and Ireland


If you are hankering after one of these, DO IT!


No faults worth mentioning.

General Comments:

I have now owned this car for two years and cannot anticipate ever parting with it.

I live in rural Cornwall and am considered to be something of an eccentric locally. My Firebird is the '02 model in black with ram air, T tops and auto transmission and is my daily driver. I love the car to bits and it was love at first sight. I bought the car privately and have kept in touch with the previous owner who has become a friend. Very reassuring when parting with the cash.

I note from other comments that problems are encountered with water in the lights. Mine has had a minor conversion for the UK SVA and had additional lights fitted. I have had no problems. Since buying mine I have not seen another Ram Air in this year for sale and am so glad I did the deal when I did. These cars are pretty rare here.

I also have a C4 Corvette and a Honda Integra Type R, and whilst the Firebird doesn't handle as well as the others, it is still my favourite. I understand there are some mods I could have carried out to stiffen the sub frames? I may look into that and any comments gratefully received.

Puts a smile on my face every day.

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Review Date: 17th February, 2009