1991 Pontiac Firefly from North America


Great little car


Nothing yet, besides a broken door handle.

General Comments:

Great tiny car, bought it for nothing and it has run great every day since. Everyone wants to know what it is (since it was made in Canada) and somehow made it down here.

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Review Date: 18th March, 2001

24th Mar 2001, 16:24

Pontiac Firefly is the Canadian version of Chevy Metro/Suzuki Swift.

2nd May 2001, 14:04

As for how it got down in the states, the Pontiac dealer here in Minneapolis, MN had a brand new Firefly here for a while back to supposedly allow GM to gauge consumer interest. It was eventually up for sale at what I thought a high price - nearly as much as a Honda Civic at the time. Anyway, if this was a nationwide survey thing GM did, there may be DOZENS of fireflies flitting through the US!! :)

12th May 2001, 20:46

A guy who works at a nearby convenience store has a Firefly, I talked to him about it. He said he bought it from a friend who used to live in Canada. In addition to the Firefly, Canadian Pontiac dealers also sold a version of the Geo Tracker as the Sunrunner and the Chevy Corsica as the Tempest.

From 1992-1993 they also sold a line of cars called "Asuna" which included the Sunrunner, the SE/GT (a version of the Daewoo-built Pontiac LeMans), and the Sunfire (nothing to do with the modern-day Pontiac Sunfire; was actually a clone of the Isuzu Impulse).

23rd May 2006, 16:30

Get these little cars Rust Checked and the body will last forever... I do mine every year.

12th May 2008, 15:43

May 12, 2008 - I purchased my 1991 Convertible Pontiac Firefly and drove it from the showroom. 17 years later, I am so happy with its performance. No major repairs have been required. I've taken care of it - she looks like brand new. People always stop me and ask me about it. I've had people wanting to buy it from me.

Sherwood Park, AB Canada.