1991 Pontiac Firefly Sport 1.0 3 cylinder from North America


Small car, big ideas


Nothing at all, this car has been wonderful.

I have only had the oil and transmission fluid changed out; everything else has been just excellent, no problems at all.

General Comments:

I bought this car not long ago because I had a '94 Suzuki Swift 5 speed, and that was such a trouble free car I decided to try a 3 cylinder Firefly, and nothing has changed, this Firefly is just as good as the Swift.

This car is in excellent shape and is one of the best looking ones around here. I changed the transmission fluid just today, and the car is running great and getting around 43-46 MPG city, and over 50 MPG on the highway. These are just great little cars; very easy to service, maintain and work on, and though they are small cheaper cars, they never give much trouble at all. My car has new 12" tires and the car handles great in any condition.

The interior is actually very roomy, even when holding four people. The rear seats fold down, making the car able to hold and haul almost anything.

Overall I'm VERY happy with this little car's performance, and plan on getting another after this one, I may try an automatic version next.

Overall these cars are just great, and I advise anyone wanting a cheap, reliable, great on gas car, to get one.

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Review Date: 7th September, 2013

8th Sep 2013, 13:45

These are awesome cars, way ahead of their time in technology! They get better mileage than a Smart car, cost a fraction of the price, and can actually seat 4 people, plus they have a hatchback!

9th Sep 2013, 07:37

Yeah it's a funny thing - all the so-called 'technological advances' since 1990 haven't actually improved anything - just made things more expensive and complicated (and thus likely to break down with age).

1991 Pontiac Firefly 4 door 1.0 litre from North America


The country should be flooded with them


Head rebuilt at 132,000 kms, don't know cause - I bought it this way.

I've taken care of the 4 door sedan so there's no dings or rust showing, I keep it waxed and it looks really good.

I've replaced the top end again, because the overflow hose on the radiator tank fell off and I didn't check the radiator for 2 years, just the tank - it overheated - all my fault. The rest of the car is and always has been really easy on tires, brakes.

I've kept seat covers on it so the interior is very good.

I've always felt that the USA has not had the right idea in allowing the general public the choice of being able to buy a car like this. It's cheap to build (There's ton's of them still rolling) has a 1000 cc engine that, when taken care of will last for years, and when used with the 5 speed manual gears, gets a ton of miles to the gal. (The most I got, at 65 mph on a 1600 mile trip was 58 mpg measured on the USA gal.)

I don't need an electric car, nor a hybrid, and at 46 mpg in the city - I don't pollute like everyone else. The car cost me $2500 and is still worth a $1000, to the hell with the Kelley Blue Book price.

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Review Date: 28th March, 2009

1991 Pontiac Firefly 1.0 from North America


Outstanding car when used with care


Headlight / wiper switch buttons broke.

Corrosion starting on shock towers, appears to be bad design that traps moisture between layers of metal.

Drivers seat cushion area sagging (weakening springs)

General Comments:

Outstanding reliability and service.

Engine still works perfectly, uses no oil.

Still averages 66 miles / imperial gallon!

Has required no repairs other than normal service.

Longevity because not winter driven.

Only weak point is corrosion on shock towers, due to a bad design that traps moisture.

With appropriate updates, this 18 year old design would be the best available car today for economy and serviceability

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Review Date: 20th May, 2008