1995 Pontiac Firefly from North America





General Comments:

This car handled sooooo well in the worst snow storm we have had in 40 years. It handles well and is extremely comfortable. Pontiac made a mistake by discontinuing this model.

This is a Firefly sedan, which surprisingly has a lot of room (the seats fold down). I only paid $1,500 and put $1000 into it (tires, tune up, tranny flush and new brakes) - well worth the $$.

When this car wears out, I will hunt down another.

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Review Date: 13th January, 2009

1995 Pontiac Firefly from North America


I LOVE this car!!!



General Comments:

It handles really well and it's fast.

The seats are very comfortabl,e and there is a lot of room in the 4 door sedan.

Not meant for high speed highway driving (over 80 km etc); it may flip since it is a very light car.

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Review Date: 19th September, 2008

21st Feb 2009, 13:32

I have heard Fireflies, even the sedans, aren't hardy enough to take more than a 1000km non-stop highway stretch. Does that sound right from your experiences?

7th Mar 2009, 23:11

I wouldn't recommend long highway driving with a Firefly, but they are super a little car and handle very well. I just love mine.

1995 Pontiac Firefly 3 cylinder, 1 liter from North America


Throw away car, like a throw away butane lighter


I had to replace the radiator which had a very small leak from the date that I bought the car.

I had to replace the alternator 3 times.

I had mega trouble with the wiring since the former owner had a bugler alarm installed that wouldn't shut up.

In the end the frame finally gave out because of rust problems and the whole front end fell apart, I mean like axle shafts falling out of their CV joints and each wheel steering in a separate direction, I couldn't even push the (light) car off the road.

General Comments:

When the car was new it was probably a very good buy due to its very good gas mileage, but from my experience, and from noticing that these cars' numbers have at one point quickly made an exodus from public roads only to fill scrap yards, and the specimens that remain on the roads are totally infested with rust, I can only say that what you save on gas you easily spend five fold on just keeping the car going. In the end though rust will kill the car and as I did, you can look forward to watching the wrecker tow away a worthless 4 wheels of junk that you have invested so heavily into, all in the name of being 'GREEN FRIENDLY' and good gas mileage.

Suzuki should be ashamed of themselves.

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Review Date: 12th April, 2007

13th Apr 2007, 14:58

Probably not fair to Suzuki. Much KMs and years. Often repeated theme here, don't you think? Somebody pays top price for a used-up car and blames the manufacturer. Shame on the bone-er. If the bone-er had written the review it would be... "best car ever, drove the hell out of it and sold it to somebody for way more than it was worth, hope I can do the same again to some poor schnook."

16th Apr 2007, 16:16

I have three Geo Metros that were made by Suzuki and none of them have any rust on them at all. 1989,1993,1997 all rust free.

16th Jun 2007, 05:04

Why would you buy three Geo metros?

6th Jun 2008, 12:28

Why buy a Geo Metro? Save $$$$, cheap and easy to repair and maintain. I've had two. Put 170,000 on the first (1989) and sold it when I found a 1992 LSI available back in 1997 (Only have put 180,000 on that one). Am getting 50 mpg while commuting 30 miles each way to work. Using 1 tank of gas per week ($30). Little rust. GM should look at producing it again since used ones are going for $5000.

19th Jun 2009, 09:46

I have a 1994 Firefly and it does not cost a lot of money to keep on road. Just take your time to keep it clean... well, you're suppose to know how to keep a car in good shape.

Yes, those cars are built cheap. I know it and that why I take care of it. I save a lot of gas in a year, and it cost me no more than 150$ per year to keep the car on road.

9th Oct 2010, 12:11

My wife bought a 95 Firefly new, and we still have it today.

It has over 250,000km on it, and it still passes safety and air care. I have off road-ed it, climbs mountain logging roads quite well. We have no intention on selling it. I do use a 5w30 synthetic oil.