1995 Pontiac Firefly 1.0L from North America




I have spent a mere $10.00 in repairs in the past year. 2 clamps and a small extension on the exhaust. That's it. Last year I had to replace the catalytic converter, as the pipe burned out.

General Comments:

It is unbelievably cheap to drive. The body is now going and rust holes are apparent. I've been looking for a 2000 model, but have not found one. I need to get one before the timing belt goes at 200K!

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Review Date: 13th October, 2006

1995 Pontiac Firefly 1.0 litre from North America


Fun and comfortable to drive!


I have had to do mostly just routine maintenance on my firefly.

I replaced the transmission, clutch & pressure plate at 225000 km.

I had the exhaust valves and a valve guide replaced at around 200000 km.

I have replaced the starter, battery & radiator in the last couple of years.

Last year I replaced the axle shaft on the drivers side. I am about to order the one for the passenger side now.

I have replaced the rear wheel bearings several times. Does anyone know why they go so often?

I am about to order struts for front and back seeing as the engine seems to want to go for ever.

General Comments:

This has been a very tough little car that is very cheap to operate and repair. I drive it very hard and have very little trouble with it. I am looking for another one now for my daughters if anyone knows where there is one. I would prefer 1995 or newer.

E-mail me at wattoe@nbnet.nb.ca.

I get 38-42 mpg. Does anyone know how to check the oxygen sensors?

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Review Date: 11th May, 2006

26th Mar 2008, 01:34

I agree, great little car. I just bought a 95 firefly for $200. Right now I'm testing it out and the only issues I notice so far are, the passengers headlight is very dim and there may be a slow oil leak. It seems to run smooth other than that. BTW, your car's computer will notify you when to change the O2 sensor. Either that or go by the manuals recommendation... Good Luck.

1995 Pontiac Firefly SE 1.3 from North America


A pleasant reliable,economical car great for city living


Some electrical problems with headlights, very minor valve cover oil leak.

General Comments:

Overall a very reliable and economical car. I am still very happy with it after 11 years and 200,000 kms. Kinda wish I bought a new one in 2000 the last year they were produced. This car is great for hauling all sorts of things with the rear seat folded.

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Review Date: 12th March, 2006

10th Feb 2007, 20:42

Yes, I wish I had bought one too, in 2000. I have a 95 metro and I love it. I am always looking to find a good used one. I would not buy any other car. Suzuki motors are the best.

22nd Jun 2007, 12:50

I purchased a 1995 Firefly brand new & still have it 12 years later, still going strong! I have never been more pleased with any car I've ever owned than with my Firefly. Currently I have 300,000kms on it & counting, with the original battery, alternator, & engine. I have been extremely pleased with it's reliability & gas mileage, having up to 67 miles to the gallon. You got it Pontiac!!


1995 Pontiac Firefly from North America


Great economy with surprising performance


When I purchased the car I had to replace the brakes, emergency brake cable, the rotors and the hinges on the door.

General Comments:

I got this car a while back thinking that it wouldn’t last one winter, I thought that it would break down within a few months. The only reason I had bought it was because of the great fuel mileage on it.

That was quite some time ago, since then I have put this car through allot, including rolling it over into a ditch because of an icy road. (2 hours later the car was back on the road driving under its own power with only a broken mirror, a couple of small dents and broken drivers side window.)

This is a very surprisingly roomy car, I'm 6'1/2" and weigh 260 pounds and I can seat my self and 3 other friends comfortably (which I can’t do in my mustang)

The little car also surprises you under the hood as well with a rather impressive acceleration time, and sharp turning.

I would definitely suggest this car, or any of the other cars built off of this (Geo Metro, Suzuki Swift, etc...) to anyone looking for a car that you can have some fun in with a very low operating cost. I wouldn’t suggest an automatic in this though.

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Review Date: 6th January, 2006

1995 Pontiac Firefly SE 1.3L from North America


Go to www.suzukird.com to get the most from your Metro/Firefly!


Kickdown cable snapped; repaired with a crimp lock used to repair snapped bike cables! Perfect!

General Comments:

I absolutely love my car!

Owners should go to www.Suzukird.com and get the aftermarket exhaust headers for the 3 cylinder and 4 cylinder motors! Unbelievable improvement in performance, and especially fuel economy! My car only does 2800 RPM on the highway with a 3 speed, compared to 3500 before!

I will own it forever I think!

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Review Date: 3rd November, 2005

19th Jun 2008, 02:03

Just bought a 95 Firefly, 4 cyl, 1.3L. I find that it revs high on the highway when I do over 100km/h. Maybe I'm just used to my other car. How can I fix this? I tried looking for the exhaust headers on www.Suzukird.com, but no luck. Please help. Thanks, Chris.

1995 Pontiac Firefly 1.8 from North America


Good car for the money


Recurring problem with the headlights cutting out. Dealer replaced the headlight switch under warranty, then when the headlight switch went 100 km over warranty, dealer stated it was my problem-at a cost of SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS for the switch itself. Replaced the switch again, and it's just gone out again this past week. Wrote to General Motors to complain about the problem/service, and was sent a very nice form letter which stated absolutely nothing other than, "sorry, you're over warranty we can't help you" EVEN THOUGH THE PROBLEM STARTED WHEN THE CAR WAS UNDER Warranty!

General Comments:

Great gas mileage.

After the warranty experience with GM, will never buy another GM product again.

Good pickup for its size.

Does OK in an accident. (got rear ended)

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Review Date: 12th June, 2002