11th Apr 2009, 18:39

This car would really be the answer to most of the car industries expensive cars that in this economy are not realistic.

I bought my 1st 1991 Sprint 4 door in 1995 and still have it, 300,000 km on it now.

Burnt valve at 150,000 km, reason for most I have discovered is, #1. not using 5 / 30 oil, #2. keeping the heat gauge below the 1/2 mark, ie; flush radiator, #3. make sure the catalytic converter is working properly.

Between my wife and 2 daughters, we have owned 7 over the years and they have saved me thousands of $$$. My wife now drives a 1989 Firefly Turbo and loves it; fantastic power, no more passing problems, we put extra wide tires on it, now out corners most cars, lots of fun. A real joy.

27th Apr 2011, 16:50

I had a 1990 Sprint brand new. The wife and I put 286000 on it in 3 years, just normal stuff to be fixed brakes, tires. I could drive it 100 110 all day!

Need to bring them back!

28th Apr 2011, 17:47

I agree with all the comments praising the Firefly/Sprint/Metro/Swift. I had a Swift that I really loved, and a friend who had a turbo Firefly that he loved. The problem was that most North Americans did not love them. They rejected them as being too small, and underpowered. Gas was relatively cheap when these cars came out, and people -- mostly Americans -- hate small hatchbacks, and love their trucks and SUVs. We like trucks in Canada too, but we embrace small cars far more.

Unfortunately, these cars will never come back. It's a real shame that GM replaced these cars with the Daewoo Aveo, Pontiac with the G3 Wave, and Suzuki with the Swift+, all of which were unreliable, and not very fuel efficient small cars.

28th Apr 2011, 19:09

This was one of the best cars ever built. It gets the same gas mileage as a Smart Car! Also, it can hold 4 people and cargo too.

These are a great economy bargain, and they last forever too!

I would recommend this car to anyone on a budget.

8th Jan 2015, 07:18

Good day!

I have been looking at a couple of manual transmission 1991 Firefly Convertibles this past year - found 2 in Quebec and 2 in Ontario. I have my eye on one in Ontario, just under 69,000km and in immaculate condition, inside and out, no rust, original paint, offered at $4995.00. It easily passed certification and e-testing.

The one thing I noticed when I checked under the hood is how clean and simple the engine compartment was, which is beneficial as I do a lot of the maintenance on my vehicles. I could actually see the floor beneath the garage!

My questions are: Bearing in mind this car is going on 25 years old, is it worth the asking price? What hidden things should I look for or ask a mechanic to check to ensure all is in good working order? Is it even worth pursuing? I would appreciate any information or advice, as I am a newbie to this type of transaction. It sure was a blast to test drive!! Thanks in advance!

Cheers! Chris