2010 Pontiac G3 Base 1.6L from North America


Killed a Toyota fanboy



General Comments:

In April of 2010, I went to the GM dealer and bought this car for $7800, or on the road for $9000 cdn. After reading the reviews and learning that it is a rebadged Daewoo, I was hesitant, but now I can safely say that this car was one of the best purchases I've made.

I learned to drive standard on this car, and gave the clutch a hard time, but it still shifts great.

The seats are the best I've seen in a car, and they adjust in many more ways than my Toyota ever did.

The car isn't smooth around the edges, and there are a few plastic knobs where the parts came out of the mold, but the interior does not seem cheap.

We filled the car with approx 300lbs of stuff, and took this car on freeways when we moved, and it still had good pickup. If not for the 5 year warranty and the 50% off discount, I probably would not have test driven this car, but I can safely say that I would choose another GM over a Toyota. This is by far the cheapest to run car I've ever used, and I would recommend it to any student. I plan to keep it for a full 10 years. I was a Toyota fan boy, but this car was just well worth it.

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Review Date: 16th March, 2011

17th Mar 2011, 18:20

The odds of it lasting 10 years are very slim. Those rebadged Daewoos usually fall apart after a few years.

10th Sep 2018, 14:42

My 2009 is still running great. Seems to last. Changed 1 tie rod, and O2 sensor.

Driver's window has a minor air leak, need to change the rubber, but nothing urgent.

2009 Pontiac G3 SE 1.6 from North America





General Comments:

I needed to get out of my truck and into something more fuel efficient. While this is good compared to a 5.7 hemi 4x4, it's poor for having only 10 hp.

I hand calculated over a long trip (4 tanks of gas)and averaged only 25.3 mpg (imp). Embarrassing, I was able to get 20-21 mpg with the MDS enabled 5.7 with 350+ hp.

I guess I expected more. Interior is somewhat uncomfortable, I'm big (6' @ 250lbs) and find it too be awkward, for lack of a better term. Nothing really stands out, just nothing is ergonomic for myself.

Engine is weak, with the 5-speed you need to get the RPMs above 3500 to get any power out of it, but you need to keep it below 3000 (vvti kicks in here) to get economy.

Handling is mushy, I noticed an improvement in cornering when I installed my oversized winter tires; that was a bit disappointing compared to the OEM low-profile all seasons.

I guess the best way to sum it up is, it does nothing well, but nothing poorly. It's low-grade mediocrity. It's not had one warranty item done, which is good, the stereo is pretty decent, sunroof is nice, tranny shifts well, which is nice, since you shift a lot with the weak engine.

It's an OK car, but I don't need OK. This is being traded for a Malibu 2.4 LT at the end of the month. Should get close to the same gas mileage with 10x the car.

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Review Date: 15th February, 2010

9th Jan 2011, 13:55

"Did you consider test driving it before purchase?"

This is a great point. I have no sympathy for car buyers who simply drive a new car around the block at 40mph. When I test drive any vehicle, it is tested for flat-out acceleration, cornering at speed and panic braking. It is also driven on a variety of road surfaces to accurately determine the ride under all circumstances. It is put through 0-60 and 45-80 acceleration tests to determine merging and passing capability. When I buy it, I KNOW what it will do. My Ford dealer knows me well, and they simply toss me the key to whatever I want to drive, and let me take it for half a day. If I test drive a car from a dealer that doesn't know me, I explain to the accompanying salesman that I will go where I want to and drive as much as I want to, in whatever manner I choose. If that is not acceptable, I just walk away. Many dealers here just allow me to take the new car to my office for the day, or allow me to keep it for a weekend. There is just simply no excuse for not knowing what a car will do before you buy it.

23rd Mar 2011, 15:46

OP - Yes I test drove it, most of the problems did not become apparent until I had spent some long distance trips in it. Nothing was a massive deal breaker IMO, just on a day to day basis it started to wear on me. As for mileage, this was the biggest problem in my books. There is no reason a 1.6l econo car should get as poor mileage as this did.

Also, to the "test driver from hell", there is no correct way to calculate real world mileage on a test drive, no deal will let you run a tank of gas through it, nor do I want to test drive a car for 400kms. I do know how to test a car properly, the poor acceleration was to be expected, but the better economy that usually comes with lethargic engines just wasn't there to compensate. Hope this clears it up for yourselves.

5th Mar 2015, 15:03

If this is true, the "test driver from hell" must "just walk away" from a lot of dealerships.