2006 Pontiac G5 Pursuit SE 2.2 from North America


I don't recommend this car, I will not buy GM again


In very cold weather, -10c for example, if I drive the car through a car wash, and park the car outside, then apply the parking brake, they freeze in the applied position. The dealer says it's a natural thing, but I had many cars before that went through the same routine and never had a parking brake freeze. I tend to believe the dealer knows of the flaw, can do nothing about it, and has only cheap excuses to manage the problem.

Ahhh! The all too known "control arm bushing" problem. Loud clanging noises from the front suspension when crossing bumps, or driving through even slight rough road. The dealer replaces the control arm bushing, this takes care of the problem initially, then it starts coming back after about 10000 km. Certainly a defect in the suspension, as pointed out in many other reviews on the vehicle.

When I hit the brake at high speed, the front end vibrates heavily. I took it into the dealership, they claimed that the brakes (all four of them) needed replacing. Very expensive work. Replacing the brakes did not resolve the problem. While the car was in the dealership for the brake work, they damaged it, and needed to keep it longer to fix the damage. I rented another G5 for the period, guess what... same problem with the rental G5, high speed braking vibration.

The car pulls to the left at high speed. I have to put effort into keeping the car straight. I tried all lanes on the highway, in all cases, the car pulls left. The dealer checked the alignment, they claim its all within spec. Tire pressures and tire quality are good. They test drive the car, they say it's OK, but it's not. Dealers seem to have to make a lot of excuses for this poor product.

After three years, I had to get the tires serviced. Apparently they lost their bond with the rim and were all leaking slowly.

Recalls: Injectors replaced, power steering control motor replaced.

General Comments:

Lots of defects and issues that even the dealer can't resolve.

Really dislike the dishonesty of the dealers on problems that they see each day and refuse to tell the truth.

Too much wasted time and money taking this thing into the shop.

Really hate the dealer selling services that are not necessary for the vehicle.

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Review Date: 22nd August, 2010

22nd Aug 2010, 12:45

Wow! It looks like the only thing your dealer DID NOT lie about was the frozen parking brake. The dealer is actually right about this one, as it is possible for the parking brake to freeze in any car. The fact that this did not happen to your other cars really is just pure luck.

2006 Pontiac G5 Pursuit SE Sedan 2.2L from North America




UNDER warranty:

2,795 Km, Fuel injector (recall).

4,254 KM, Key stuck in ignition, replaced shifter assembly.

5,867 KM, Left rear signal light bulb replaced.

8,202 KM, Left rear signal light bulb replaced.

8,845 KM, Left rear signal light bulb replaced.

Warranty EXPIRED:

9,465 KM, Left rear signal light not working. Found bad socket. Replaced tail light assembly. $240 (not found until warranty expired).

10,285 Km, Replaced bottom front lower control arm bushings. $225.

11,186 KM, Key stuck in ignition. $346.

General Comments:

The car has only been driven 10,850 KM.

Too many problems with a car with so few miles.

Gas consumption nowhere near rated figures.

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Review Date: 30th April, 2010

19th Jun 2010, 17:04

I have to agree. I just went to change the left tail turn signal lamp on my 2007 Pursuit. Well, after almost breaking my hand and putting a small dent inside to out, I got the SOB to come out. Do these guys sit around all day trying to figure out ways to screw the consumer? I remember the days you could replace a lamp in 5 minutes. Not an hour and 5 minutes, and a broken hand, and a dent in the car from a slipped wrench. No wonder GM is broke. I have bought GM since the 80's. No more. To hell with them. Maybe they should build a car people can work on again, without special tools and a hand the size of a 7 year old's hand.

18th Apr 2011, 16:52

You think this is bad? Try owning a Kia, and don't tell me foreign is any better. But no, burnt out bulbs and a recall doesn't hardly sound like a huge list of issues. Bulbs are wear and tear items like brakes. When people leave their comments saying brakes went out at 10,000 miles, all that does is show me exactly what kind of driver you are.

As for this car, I'm thinking about owning one, and after the reviews I have read, it seems to be a really good car.