2007 Pontiac G6 GT 2 Dr Coupe 3.5 V6 from North America


Wouldn't trade this car in for the world!!


Needed new brakes and rotors at 28,000.

Needed new tires at 28,000.

Passenger side sun visor mirror cover was broke when I bought it.

General Comments:

I love the car, it is fast, I love the performance, it is very quick in automatic and manual mode.

Tires will squeal in first gear of manual mode.

The manual mode actually makes my car get better gas mileage for in town driving and out of town driving.

As of the tires going bald, they were bald when I bought the car, and for the brakes and rotors, they were also bad when I bought the car. I am pretty sure that the person that owned it before me was hard on it. Also, the person that owned it before me, tried to buff it, and the car is black, so it really looks like CRAP!! Now I have to go get it buffed..

As of my Pontiac G6, I have nothing to complain about.. Everything that had to be replaced was just general maintenance, because the previous owner did not take the best care of the car.

I have the 2dr, which is very sharp looking. I have a friend who owns a 4 dr, which is nice, but not as nice as my 2dr.

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Review Date: 24th March, 2011

2007 Pontiac G6 SV 2.4L from North America


A typical good running car that doesn't need constant attention


Nothing, never been back to the dealer except to get another free tank of gas.

General Comments:

I bought the car as an 07 left over in April of 08. I guess no one wanted a base model car. Then again there are no options to break. I purchased the new base model over a typical rental car program unit with better options.

I have enjoyed the car and never had a problem. Now that it is over 15,000 miles, the gas mileage is betting better. Up from 30mpg, it averaged 33mpg going from town to town, and 65 mph on 2 lane highways.

The 4 cylinder engine pulls the car easily enough down the interstate in Wyoming at 80 MPH. I would like to complain about something, but it's been a good car with no repair costs and only normal maintenance.

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Review Date: 4th May, 2009

30th Nov 2010, 08:47

The car is now at 33,000 miles. Still hasn't needed any service beyond maintenance.

2007 Pontiac G6 3.5L Chevy V6 from North America


The marketing department is the boss at GM


None - did not keep it very long.

General Comments:

Stiff suspension. Not the high-tech firm kind. This one is plain cheap and choppy, like 1980s Hyundai Excel/Mitsu Precis.

Steering ratio is very quick and touchy. So are the brakes. All together this makes for a nauseating ride.

A-pillars are voluminous and block a lot of vision.

Cupholders are useless - right under the arm.

Interior is rather claustrophobic, stuffy, and smells of fresh plastic no matter how much you ventilate it.

Steering wheel is too far forward.

I turned the headrests around so they don't constantly poke the head forward. They match the seats perfectly this way too. Looks like they were designed to be turned around by the customer.

The engine is a 3.5L Chevy small V6. It has a lot of power. Overall the acceleration is the same as my '91 Buick Regal 3.1L V6 early MPFI with 4-speed electro-control AT. Same engine, but the new 1 is drive-by-wire with buffered input, so the takeoff is smoother.

G6 came with 4-speed electro-control AT with manual shift option. I'd say the 1st gear is useless except for towing or peeling out all day long. Starting in 2nd gear it pulls the same. This is 1 area where the 3.5's extra stroke contrasts with the 3.1. The Buick had a jumpier start, though it had a normal 1st gear and still could peel out.

Good fuel economy, ~28 MPG average with more highway than city. Incidentally I drove a Chevrolet Cobalt later in the week and it had identical fuel mileage.

IMHO my POS '91 Regal sedan is a better car overall. Just bigger, smoother, easier to drive, with rounder classy curves.

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Review Date: 28th January, 2009