2007 Pontiac G6 g6 from North America


I bought my 07 g6 2 weeks ago. I went to leave my friends bands' show and the ignition won't turn. the steering wheel moves but the gear shift is stuck too. a mechanic said the new keys make the tumbler stripped and it stops working. I literally just had it towed- and it better be covered under warranty b/c it is no faulty b/c of me I am very agitated at this.

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Review Date: 16th June, 2008

18th Dec 2008, 14:42

If that's all you ever have to worry about with this car (pain in the rear, though it may be...) I would say that's pretty minor. This "mechanic's" definition sounds a little dicey to me. You sure nobody's tried to start it with a butterknife, etc.?? ;-)

2007 Pontiac G6 2.4 Ecotech VVT from North America


Very Impressed!


Mileage when first delivered was worse than any SUV I have ever owned. Dealer said it would get better with time and it has. Car consistently gets over 30 mpg.

Strange front end rattle showed up at 18k. bad sway bar links. No cost.

Funny noise from the dash noticed three days after delivery.. wound up being a zip tie rubbing against something under the dash. No noise since.

General Comments:

We love it! extremely comfortable! the car feels like its built like a tank! fit and finish is perfect.

We couldnt be happier.

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Review Date: 27th February, 2008

2007 Pontiac G6 from North America


The battery had to be replaced. We have had to put in.

Shop 5 times for steering problems on the car. The sun.

Roof makes noise, when we first purchased the car it did.

Not make noise. The car is rough on bumps. I will.

Never again purchase a GT G6 again. I have had terrible.

Experience with the car!!

General Comments:

Will never purchase again. I am very upset and.

Disappointed in this car.

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Review Date: 28th November, 2007

8th Dec 2007, 06:50

Was your previous mode of transport a bicycle or a pair of Nikes? EVERY car ages, and as they do, they develop sounds and faults. It's an accepted part of vehicle ownership. Though you paid your hard-earned money for the car, I guarantee that you should be thankful that worse has not happened (as was previously the case with many American marques).

The G6 is a part of GM's rebuilding plan. So far I think they are doing well. I think that part of your problem with the steering may be your dealer's inability to diagnose, and thus rectify the problem correctly. Because you bought the car from dealer A, means that they are the only ones capable of working on it.