5th Jul 2009, 18:40

You wonder why GM is having such difficulty when this is one of the cars they make to compete with the Accord & the Camry.

I think the Malibu and the Fusion are very competitive in this class. Other than those, the American manufacturers have dropped the ball in the class.

8th Aug 2009, 19:29

A four cylinder being 'grating'? Yeah that's what the 2.4 sounds like. It's always sounded like that. You've probably just got more used to it. I hate the G6, simply because of its looks, but I'll stick up for it against your comments. You seriously checked to see if the shocks were installed? Wow. The G6 does very much so have a tight suspension, you can even feel it thru the wheel, but looking to see if there are struts/shocks on the car??? C'mon.

14th Aug 2009, 20:26

Well I'm thinking of buying one. To me it's a hard decision, as I'm one who is "old school" and thinks front wheel drive is WAY over rated. Let me put it this way, I drive a '96 woody Caprice wagon with the Lt1 5.7L in it. The ride is cool, the power and take-off awesome - especially for that size of a car. The G6 4cyl. that I tried took 19 "kid" seconds to get to 100km/h, the woody --- 9. But the only reason is that there are so many discounts on it and it will get great gas mileage, so for my first new car ever (I'm 45) I'm hoping the hosing you get on depreciation in the first few years will be lessened. But I'm still undecided. I'd rather have a G8.

18th Apr 2011, 16:39

Checking to see if there were shocks installed??? If you didn't want to hear 4 banger hum, maybe you should have bought the V6?

I was really looking into this car to buy, and all the reviews seem to be not about whether or not they are reliable, but more or less if the vehicle got on the owner's nerves.