2nd Nov 2007, 00:39

Just a comment on paint, but has anyone noticed the paint on some imports? I saw some orange peel on G6s and other GM/Ford cars, but quite frankly, it isn't that bad. Cars like the Altima, Frontier, and darker colored Corollas seem to have horrendous paint jobs. I was behind a brand new Frontier and could barely see the reflection of my car in the tailgate as the paint had so much orange peel. It looked like a big gray orange basically. I've seen it on many frontiers.

I'm just guessing, but perhaps this is due to stricter laws regarding environmental issues and the chemical make up of paints? So these new paints don't appear as smooth as older paint jobs? I remember the paint job on my 6000 and an old Maxima and Camry seemed flawless as far as orange peel. Just a thought.

4th Feb 2010, 12:10

I liked the review for the most part. But I laughed when you said your 3800 made 38-40mpg in the open road. It's not even possible to achieve that kind of gas mileage with that motor, even if you were hyper-miling the car.

30th Jun 2010, 10:40

As a man who still unlocks the door for his wife and hangs his arm out the window when he drives, I found this review was very useful. Although I would be considering a trim package that included key-less entry.

I agree about the modern integrated stereos. We had a Mazda 6, and I was always dreading the day the CD player stopped working. CD players, and especially CD changers, will fail eventually. I've always been a fan of keeping components separate to facilitate easy replacement or repair.

The 3.5 G6 is still on our shortlist of possible vehicles to replace our Accord. Thanks for the review.

10th Sep 2010, 13:24

I bought a 05 G6 GT. It has been nothing but problems. We took every panel out of the car; it still rattles. I have replaced every ball joint and bushing in the front of this thing. The body sounds as if it's coming apart. The power assisted steering is just junk; every other trip in this car, it fails. I'm selling this junk.

23rd Jan 2011, 12:21

I traded my 2001 Grand Am SE for a brand new 2008 G6 Base (aka value leader)... I can't stand it, the average for fuel economy on mine is only 20 mpg city, and now I'm already looking to trade it in so I can drive a better car.

This G6 did not have the same feel as other Pontiac models I've had, such as the 1989 Sunbird LE or as mentioned above, the 2001 Grand Am SE.

I do not recommend this vehicle!