2006 Pontiac G6 SE 3.5 V6 from North America




As of right now... nothing wrong has happened (knocks on wood!) :)

General Comments:

I fell in love with the car the second I test drove it (Pontiac in my opinion has always had the sharpest looking cars!). At first I was avoiding it cause it looked too small (6'0 tall) and I was going to go for a Pontiac Grand Prix, but then I test drove one for the hell of it -- I was hooked! I love how you feel extremely sporty when driving it, and I also love that all my friends are jealous! LOL.

Some Concerns:

All the steering issues I keep hearing about on the internet, and that I wish the steering was a little tighter than it is right now (sometimes feels sloppy).

Blind spots! are huge when turning -- but I think I will get over it as more time goes by.

When at a stop light, the rpm's lay at 500 or 600... is that normal for a bigger engine? Always had a 2.4.

My family has had a slew of Pontiacs over the years and have never really had good luck with them -- my parents had two Sunbirds, and both me and my sister had Grand Ams for our first cars (all dead!) This car on looks and power totally kicks my 1990 Grand Am's a$$! But as this point, I still don't know if it beats my last car, which was a 1999 Olds Alero that I bought after the Grand Am nightmare!

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Review Date: 6th April, 2011

11th Apr 2011, 16:54

I would never drive a car that Oprah endorsed to her screaming fans. I think it doomed the car from the start.

2006 Pontiac G6 4 door non GT 3.5 from North America


Golly gee, this car sucks


Oh my gosh. Where to start?

Well. First off the car is currently leaking oil profusely. Haven't had time to assess where the leak is originating.

Heater controls have been problematic from the get go. I had to replace the heater blower, the HVAC relay, and the heater blower resistor. I did this myself and it still cost a few hundred bucks. I would hate to know how much it would cost at dealer. While looking at the Internet, I found that this problem is VERY VERY prevalent in these cars. Many people experience problems with the HVAC controls. Obviously there is some bad engineering here.

Car has a very noticeable clunk when you turn a specific way. According to what I find, it is probably the "intermediate steering shaft", but the problem will more than likely show up again, even after it is fixed. Again, poor engineering.

General Comments:

Interior has copious amounts of plastic.

It is very comfortable for a little car and gets pretty decent mileage, but what is saved in gas is definitely offset by what has to be spent in parts/labor costs!!!

Acceleration is quite adequate, but I'm quite certain I'm gonna get left stranded with this car soon. And, given that it only has 85k on it, I am very dissatisfied. My last car was a Subaru legacy that I got for $800, and I got 100,000 miles out of it. Go figure.

I really really REALLY wish I had a better experience, because I would love to be able to talk myself into owning a G8, which is WICKEDLY fast, but I have to think that will cost me my first born to own that vehicle.

Please Mr. American Car Manufacturer!! Make a car to restore my faith in you. I want to buy from you, but if this is what I'm gonna get out of the deal, I cannot afford to own your product!

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Review Date: 20th November, 2010

2006 Pontiac G6 Base 4 cylinder from North America


Would not suggest to anyone


Brakes have been an issue since day 1, they have always squeaked and the dealer replaced them. The rotors have been turned to the point that I had to replace them, and I have replaced the front and back brakes and rotors. Now the right front is metal to metal, and the calipers are frozen.

The right front end has had many problems, bearings replaced twice, tie rod replaced and now the brakes again. Many, many other issues with this car also.

Not even Pontiac will help with the issues, since it is out of warranty.

General Comments:

The car looks nice and drives nice when there are no present problems.

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Review Date: 22nd March, 2010

23rd Mar 2010, 22:08

Sounds like the brake issues from the Grand Am have continued on to this model.

24th Jan 2014, 18:19

Here's a tip. DON'T brake like a race car driver and your brakes don't wear out right away. DON'T buy the cheapest $19.99 pads and rotors that NAPA has to offer. DON'T turn your rotors more than once and expect them to perform well. DO grease your caliper slides during brake service. DON'T wear your brakes down to metal and expect your calipers to last. It's simple maintenance.

18th Feb 2016, 06:27

They're aluminum calipers and overheat easily; no hard sustained braking is the way to go. Greasing the slides is a must as it dries up with the heat created.

18th Feb 2016, 18:38

I don't know... I had a Grand Am... terrible brakes which continually warped rotors and wore out pads. And I don't drive my vehicles hard. No other car I had before or after the Grand Am had this brake issue.

5th Feb 2018, 21:04

Some cars simply have under-specced brakes; it's nothing to do with abuse. A lot of Hondas from the early 2000s seem to have this problem, for example.