2006 Pontiac G6 GT from North America


The dealership has worked on my panoramic sunroof at least 5 times! GM has a flaw in this design. The car itself is great! I need help though. The dealership has now totally replaced the panoramic sunroof and it still is noisy. I'm trying to work with the dealership on a trade. So far, they aren't giving me much. Any ideas?

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Review Date: 1st September, 2007

4th Sep 2007, 15:59

I have the same problem... I am on my 3rd return to fix the loud noise on my panoramic sunroof. I am working on a trade also. For some reason, I also have a problem with my G6 starting 2 times in a row... It will start and then restart instantly. Does anyone have this problem too? The dealership cannot figure it out. I have only had this car for a year and I am 100% disappointed. I want to trade, but I will lose a lot of money!

30th Jun 2008, 16:08

I had the same problem with my G6 starting, then all the sudden feeling like it shut down, then started. I had only had it for 3 months. I was so disappointed. But I do love the car. Body style, interior, and all.

But now I am getting this weird noise when I turn to the right. Some say when I explain it to them that it's the brakes, but I'm not braking when the noise happens. Any help?

19th Nov 2009, 17:11

The steering shaft on the G6 (and other GM models) has issues... there's a technical service bulletin on it. It's not really a serious issue, but they will repair it for free if it's under warranty.

2006 Pontiac G6 GT 3.5 from North America


Buy it for the looks, keep it for the MPGs


I have only put 5k miles on this car. The only thing I have noticed is that both of the seat belts get wet when it rains hard, or I go through the car wash. I have read on other reviews that this has something to do with the drain for the sunroof. I have yet to take it in.

General Comments:

I bought this car to replace my 2002 Trailblazer. I wanted something that was faster and handled better in traffic. I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed the gas mileage that I was getting. 30.1 MPG at last check. My commute is 55 miles one way, and is all highway driving. Nice switch from the TB that got about 18 MPG.

The seats are pretty comfortable. I have only sat in the back once, and only for about one mile though. I am 6' 1" and they seemed to be OK. I have yet to put a car seat in the back, that might be a tight fit.

Remote start and heated leather seats are GREAT.

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Review Date: 21st May, 2007

21st May 2007, 17:11

I test drove a lot of cars and settled on the G6. I have owned it for a year now and have had no problems. I like the handling and the great style (so much better than the styling of the doughty, stodgy, Accord and Camry). Kudos to Pontiac for making such a great car!

23rd May 2008, 13:51

Update: I just took this car in to the dealer. There is a clunking when turning the wheel. Both front ball joints need to be replaced. I am at 28k miles, so the warranty will still cover them, but just a warning not to ignore any of those noises if you still have a warranty.

11th Apr 2009, 00:24

When you made the comment about your seat belts getting wet.. I had to write.. I have the same car, and I had the exact same problem... the drain is disconnected from your sunroof. Take it to the dealer you got it from and it's an easy fix.

6th Jan 2010, 19:21

I'm thinking of buying a 2006 G6 GT tomorrow...

Hearing all these horror stories about the roof makes me want to think twice about buying one now. I love the lines and the look inside, and I'm getting a good deal too...

I see no major issue except for this roof thing...

If and when I do decide to buy, still didn't sign any paper yet, and there will be 2 years unlimited kilometres warranty to boot... my question is will I be entitled to get this fix if I do decide to buy...

I'll just ask to see if it was replaced, and would it be under warranty?

That's about it...


5th Mar 2012, 12:08

The clunking noise in the steering is often due to the middle steering shaft, and in most cases, lubricating the middle shaft, which can easily done from inside the passenger compartment with a spray silicone, takes care of the problem. Though you may have to repeat doing this periodically.