1973 Pontiac Grand Am 400 from Australia and New Zealand


Stunning car with looks that kill


Bearing in the A/C seized, causing the belt to burn out and badly smoke under the hood.

The distributor is an old points system and needs upgrading.

Needs new springs.

The car just needs some basic upgrades because of age.

General Comments:

This 1973 Grand Am was imported into Australia from the United States. It's now registered in Australia.

The look of the Grand Am is just amazing, especially as it's black.

The condition is fantastic; it was well looked after in the US, by the previous owners.

Driving a car like this in Australia is unbelievable. The looks you get are unreal.

The seats, the feel, the power, the looks; everything is awesome.

There is nothing negative about this wonderful car.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 23rd December, 2013

11th Jan 2014, 22:01

Question: Is it a 400 4BBL or 2BBL?

Keep an eye on the timing chain. These tend to wear, skip a tooth or two, then bend valves - ugh.

The points distributor is a good unit as long as the shaft bushings aren't too worn; when they wear the dwell tends to vary wildly.

I feel your pain on the springs - they tend to sag - I replaced mine with Moog Cargo Coils - no more sag.

Replacement A/C compressors are easy to find.

Bottom line: These are GREAT cars!!! They drive exceptionally well for their size - ENJOY!!!

12th Jan 2014, 21:19

I'm pretty sure that Pontiac V8s, along with other GM V8s from this era, were non-interference if the timing chain jumped or even broke.

Most of the time it is usually inline 4 cylinders that bend the valves.

25th Jan 2014, 08:42

It's a 2BBL, 400 engine, 400 trans. It came with keystone wheels with BF Goodrich T/As, and appears to have the original vinyl black roof. I cannot see any rust in the car at all. I've rust proofed the trunk, and the springs sag. It has air shocks in the rear. It even has the original protection strips on the doors. It came from Fredericksburg Virginia, and was transported by road on a car trailer to LA.