1999 Pontiac Grand Am GT 3.4 from North America


I would never buy another GM product


I also have a Grand Am GT No problems with the radio, but I also have installed a new deck. However, I replaced the transmission at 80,000km. I bought the car used, and my warranty was up 2 weeks prior to when the transmission went. I called GM and was advised that since I bought the car used, tough!! Rotors and breaks are horrible need to be replaced every year. Also have had to replace speed sensor. Signals make a ticking noise like they are on when they are not. Dealer does not know the problem nor how to fix so I turn my radio up! I love my car, but why so many stupid problems?? No more GM cars for me, Ever. Next time for sure going foreign.

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Review Date: 25th September, 2004

1999 Pontiac Grand Am from North America


It is an


When turning the volume knob on the radio it will not do what you want it too, sometimes it will go up real loud or not do anything at all.

My coolant light comes on the time, it started out just every now and then now it is on all the time and water and antifreeze spues out of the overflow tank every-time I turn the car off. I have just serviced my radiator with-in the last couple of months and they found nothing wrong.

I have put two sets of rotors (because of warping) on all fours, along with two sets of top notch brake pads.

I have a leak in the intake gasket.

My window made a loud crunch when rolling it down, but it still works. Now it squeaks.

General Comments:

I really love the body style of my car, it just has too may problems.

I like the way that it rides and the way that it handles.

The seats are comfortable and there is plenty of room.

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Review Date: 22nd September, 2004

13th Dec 2004, 08:35

I bought the Grand AM five years ago and wish that I have bought another reliable car. I don't know how much time and money I had put into this car... Here is the order of problems that I had with the Grand Am...

Tire went out so quick...

Left Caliper went bad... (brake went out about 2 time before the technician recognize this problem)

CD/Radio not working... Fix two times in dealer... Display still not working today.

Back Floor flood when raining...

Spare tire not fix in the front wheel...

Alternator went bad...

Water Pump leak and broke...

Power Driver Seat was dead two years ago...

Heater Core leaking last year (I replaced with the new heater core) and now it is leaking again...

Current Problem... Power Steering Pump make noise...

Wish never bought this Grand Am or will never buy any GM product ever again. I had it with this 99 Grand AM S.E. V6.

1999 Pontiac Grand Am S.E. V6 from North America


This car is a nightmare!!!


I wish I would have read the reviews on this car before I bought it!! It would have saved a lot of money!! I have never cried about a car before, but let me tell you I have shed a lot of tears over this one!! It has been the biggest nightmare for me and my husband!! We bought the car in 2001, we have put around 4500.00 into it. I have owed seven cars in my life and have never experienced anything like this. Here are my list of problems-

Brakes have been worked on five times!

Power Steering has been worked on four times!

Rack and pinion!

Transmission replaced!

Gasket work done!

Other things wrong, but have not been serviced-

Fan blower 1 and 2 do not work!

Stereo display does not work!

Rear defrost does not work!

Windows badly scratched from rolling up and down!

ABS and trac light come on all the time!

Other bad things about this car-

Bad traction!

Very bad gas mileage, I had an SUV that did better!

Hydroplanes easily! Very Scary!!

The transmission was the last repair which was last month, a few days ago the engine started making funny noises! More repairs yeah!!

General Comments:

DO NOT EVER BUY A GRAND AM!! I feel like I am stuck in a bad relationship with this car! I owe more than it is worth, and I want to sell it outright, but I am overwhelmed with guilt when I think of putting this nightmare into someone else's hands!! I have thought about calling Pontiac to see if there is anything that can be done, but I have not kept records of my repairs! If anyone has a solution for me please let me know. I need out!!

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Review Date: 7th September, 2004

26th Oct 2004, 06:32

I bought 2 Grand Am's and they both were terrible. I should have learned my lesson from the first one, but I gave it a second chance. Boy was I dumb!!!1 week after buying car alternator and battery died, CD stopped working, oil leak need I go on. I just bought a Hyundai and they suck to. I have bad luck with cars. Any good suggestions?