2000 Pontiac Grand Am GT 3.4L Ram Air from North America


Fun for the Money


I have only had a few issues with this car.

One major one being the rotors. I have heard that they have a tendency to warp. Of course mine did to, I'm not sure if I should go get them replaced cause I am afraid they will just warp again. But in any case they do not seem to be a huge issue, as my brakes still perform fairly well when needed.

At about 20,000km my power steering pump went.

I have had the same signal related problem where my signal lights would not turn on or if they did they would stay solid and not blink. I noticed if you press the hazard light button a few times then try they seem to work properly again.

General Comments:

I have nothing, but good to say about my Grand Am. I have been driving it for 4 years now and have had very few problem with the car. Any problems that I did encounter were not even worth complaining about, because it was all covered under warranty anyways.

I admit I do baby this car, but at the same time I drive it hard. I do oil changes every 3,000 km with synthetic oil. just got my transmision flushed and a new gas pump recently.

This car although only 175 hp. has a lot of potential for speed. I have a few modifications such as ignition and exhaust on the car, but I have times the 0-60 in 7.1 seconds. A very fast car for not being considered a sports car. The handaling is just unbelievably, I Have Toyo Apoxi Z tires on my car and trust me this car just sticks to the road. I have took this car around corners at such high speeds I scared myself doing it. The car tops out at 210km only due to the governer in place. it does not even take that long to get there either. 1st and 2nd gear are just incredible for acceleration. 3rd gear slowes down a bit do to the low rpm, but still has the kick to get you to 210km at 5,300 rpm in 3rd.

Overall this car is incredible. great styling performance and reliability. I have read some reviews and people say they have many problems with the car breaking down. Well I do have the lead foot and I like to put it to the floor. But with proper maintenance this car runs like a dream. Even still at 115,000km my car still has the performance and gas mileage as the day I took it off the lot.

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Review Date: 30th October, 2004

2000 Pontiac Grand Am GT V6 Ram Air from North America


I still love my baby!


Other than some frustration, I love this car for the most part. I have been the only owner of this car and it has treated me well for over 90,000 miles!


There is always something going wrong with the windows.

For the last year, I have been losing oil, but no one can tell me what is causing it.

I took it to an engine specialist and a Pontiac dealer and they both say they cannot see where I am losing the oil. Very frustrating!

Other than that, I am still in love with this car and nothing would keep me from buying another Pontiac product.

I had a 1993 Sunbird before this and it had 120,000 when I got rid of it. My mom has a 1993 Grand Prix with over 180,000 miles and has had no major problems with it.

If anyone has had a similar problem with the oil, please let me know if you found a solution!

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Review Date: 25th October, 2004

11th May 2005, 23:34

I bought my 99 grand am gt used in 2003 and it is still running good. Maybe except from the curbs which I ran over. When I was losing oil I found out it was a gasket between the manifolds. Once I replaced it the oil stopped leaking. I got about 135,000 miles on my gt, but it still runs strong and is perfect for long drives. I love GM automobiles.

-proud gt owner.