2002 Pontiac Grand Am GT Ram Air from North America


I would suggest buy it, but only with a clause for those windows


About a month ago my driver’s side window just fell off the track for some unseen reason, and would not roll up. I could hear the motor running when I pushed the button, but the window did not budge. It only took about 5 minutes to take the driver's side door panel off, and that's when I discovered 5 broken pieces from the plastic guide rail at the bottom of the door. So for a quick fix, I lodged the window back in place until I had time to research a fix for this tragic event.

Just so happens I got busy and a month has passed, and now my passenger side window has done the same thing. This time I got on the Internet and found out that many owners are having the exact same issue that I'm having. I agree with many of the posts that Pontiac and GM should take ownership of this mistake, and issue a general recall for the parts in question.

The engineer is the one who should have to pay for the so called $500 repair job when you take it to the dealership. I'm not a rocket scientist, but I can understand simple weight to load balance, and the substandard plastic used in this guide rail just could not hold up to the load that it was subject to time and time again.

I went ahead and posted a complaint on http://www.consumeraffairs.com/php/a_report.php

I'm also going to log a complaint with Consumer Reports and write a few choice letters to the complaint departments of both Pontiac and GM; not sure if this will help, but I do know the more of us that do complain, the better the chance that this major deficiency will be addressed and corrected.

Greg Crosby

Clinton, MS.

General Comments:

I really have no complaints, other than the problems with the power windows and the plastic guide rails. The car has been very dependable with that one exception.

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Review Date: 4th December, 2007

15th Feb 2008, 00:28

The exact same problem happened to my Grand Am about a month ago; Driver's side window. A few weeks after that, the engine was shot and I had to scrap the vehicle. Not even 6 full years of use out of it, and it's off to the junkyard.

12th Jun 2010, 22:17

I bought a 2002 Grand Am at a dealership. The dealer told me window needed a handle, but was fine... he lied. I discovered a block of wood was holding up the window in place, then later the passenger window fell apart. I cannot find the parts for the windows anywhere, so in conclusion @%$! Pontiac. But overall the car runs great.

14th Jun 2010, 17:16

Lesson 1. NEVER trust a dealership. ALWAYS make them FIX the problem before you buy the car... ALWAYS.

Lesson 2. Pontiac Grand Ams have VERY flimsy window support clips. NEVER slam the doors or allow your passengers to.

My 2001 Grand Am was one of the best cars I ever owned. Not a single problem in 8 years. I loved it and should have kept it, although the Fusion I now drive is also flawless.

2002 Pontiac Grand Am SE1 4 cylinder from North America


Nice looking, but its way to finicky and has too many glitches


I bought this car in November of 06 to get rid of the high maintenance and repair costs of my 99 Jimmy (that's another story)

Had the car for a week, and the battery died, OK no big deal dealer replaced.

Brakes stink on this car, rotors warp on it, even with the spoked chrome upgrades my car has.

In july it started to start when it wanted to, dealer couldnt figure it out. it worked fine for few weeks, then stalled out when I was driving mind you no lights come on, no codes are blown.

They replaced a washer on a wire that went to a mount somewhere it was a tsb. this was August.

Car was running great about a week ago it decided to not want to start in the morning, its not the passlock issue as I don't have the security light problem. I turn it on listen for the fuel pump to prime and then try to crank nothing, after about 4 or five cranks it will eventually start. Started fine all day like that for about 2 days.

I topped off the oil and threw some lucas fuel system cleaner in the tank, and it was fine for two days.

Today I go to leave work, and no start of course when I am on my way to pick up my son from school. after about 5-7 cranks (I'm now worried about the battery giving out before it starts) I get enough fuel to turn it over.

Needless to say I am going to call the dealer tomorrow lucky for my extended warranty, as long as its the fuel pump it will be covered.

General Comments:

I have heard horrifying stories about the security system and how expensive the ignition modules are to replace and of course that isn't covered under my warranty what a shock.

I can't believe that a car with only 68,000 miles that was meticulously maintained (I have all the records from the previous owner), and I maintain it very well also, can have so many issues, I can't wait to pay down on this enough to break even and I'm buying a Nissan Versa ASAP, I will never buy a GM product again, and I have never owned anything, but GM, but I'm done.

I really like this car, the engine runs fantastic not a leak underneath, its sporty and fun, and pretty good on gas, its just a shame no one will do anything about the common problems that EVERYONE who owns them has except for the rare few.

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Review Date: 15th November, 2007