2004 Pontiac Grand Am GT from North America


Reliable,sporty and FUN


Front wheel bearings replaced twice during the life of the car.

Thermostat went bad.

Brakes pads replaced every two years.

Monsoon rear speaker blew out.

Problems with security light and car starting.

Tires replaced.

General Comments:

Everyone, read the problems I had with this car over 100,000 miles. Hardly any problems at all.

This car moves fast through traffic and handles like a race car. Not many other cars are offered at this price with this kind of horsepower and sportiness.

This is one of the best cars I have ever owned, period. The stereo system is unbelievable.

I have never had an issue with this car getting me where I needed to go. If you look Grand Am GT up in the dictionary, you will find the word "reliability" next to it.

Put some Cooper tires on this car, and you will never have an issue in 2 feet of snow or rain. The tires will stay glued to the road. The all season Goodyear tires absolutely sucked on this car and almost got me killed on a hill that had ice all over it. I switched to the Coopers, and it's been two years without a single issue in the snow and ice.

Only buy the GT. I have rode in the other models of this car, and they suck... period.

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Review Date: 20th September, 2011

2004 Pontiac Grand Am SE 3.1 from North America


Dependable mid-size car with good gas mileage


Standard 2-way Power Seat motor/platform failed twice. The first time at about 20,000 miles, and the second time about 40,000 miles.

Right front wheel hub/bearing was making noise and was replaced by dealer about 41,000 miles. Still had noises from the front end.

Original Equipment Good Year Eagle LS tires were very noisy. However, at over 40,000 miles there is still slightly less than 50% tread left.

General Comments:

Purchased new in July, 2004 and traded it for a new Buick LaCrosse Super in February, 2009.

Very good mileage! We obtained 19 to 21 in town and 29 to 31 highway. Since new slightly over 24 mpg average. Will miss this mileage with our new car!

Stylish, aggressive looks.

Optional original equipment "chrome" wheels are cheap plastic trim epoxied to what are nice looking aluminum wheels when left in their natural state! Pontiac (GM) should be embarrassed to charge extra for these!

Poor seating ergonomics for me (I'm 6 ft/250 lbs), but my wife had no problems.

Extremely noisy on highways. The Olds convertible we have is quieter, Sur suburban is quieter, and our new Buick is definitely much more comfortable and quieter!

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Review Date: 10th March, 2009

2004 Pontiac Grand Am GT 3.4 liter V6 from North America


Amazing, sporty, and very reliable


Cruise control "resume" button doesn't work.

The passenger window did not go up all the way (before car was bought). The dealer fixed it for free.

General Comments:

I love the car. It's my first car.

I love the 150 speedometer, even if it can't go that fast.

It warms up fast in the cold.

The stereo is amazing.

The torque from the car is mind blowing, it's not a slow poke.

I like the interior size, it's much bigger than my friends cars.

Gloss black, 2 door coupe, the only way to go.

The car has never had any mechanical problems, and always starts no matter what.

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Review Date: 25th January, 2009

2004 Pontiac Grand Am SE 3.4L V6 from North America


Excellent quality for the price


The bearings and tie rods went on it at about 160000kms. The repair cost $1200, along with a transmission flush. This was the first problem with the car. (Note I had it for 115000kms at this point)

The only other problem I have encountered with this car is the brake cylinders cracked. This happened at 180000kms. I was told they don't usually last more than 80000kms, so I figure they were of good quality.

General Comments:

This car has excellent handling and easy to use controls. It has an excellent turning radius in my opinion. I can make tight turns/full circles as well as, if not better than my friend's Corolla and Lancer.

The fuel economy is excellent on it as well. I drive 50 kms (on the highway) each way to work everyday, and it uses 1/8 of the tank each way. It equates to about 5-7 bucks in gas each way with todays gas prices 1.40/L.

I love the large brake lights on it, and the look of the car is excellent.

The hub caps (wheel covers) make a really annoying noise though, so I replaced them. On the subject of noise, the engine is hardly noticeable when inside the car, and there have been many times when I can't tell if the car is on or not in a parking lot.

The way you drive this car has a huge impact on its reliability. I base this on the huge number of problems people have had with the Grand Am. I like to take it easy and hardly ever have to go over 2500RPM, even going at 130km/h.

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Review Date: 15th July, 2008