4th Sep 2010, 19:51

I also own a 2002 Grand Am GT... bought it in 2003, and it now has 210,000 miles on it. I previously owned a 99, which had way fewer problems.

Shortly after buying the 02, I had to replace the security sensor, which cost me like $300... it also eats up brake pads like they're going out of style, and it has had an intake leak.

Had to also buy a fuel pump, water pump, numerous lights, and had to fix the driver's side window twice, which wasn't cheap, considering I had to buy the whole kit just to get 1 little plastic piece that I needed.

And the dreaded turn signal... OMG... mine too only works when it wants, and I've taken it to the dealership and had it fixed, but probably 3 months later it started messing up again... the random ticking sound that it makes gets on my nerves!!

Overall, since my car now has 210,000 miles on it, and it's still running, I'd have to say I got a pretty good car, but it definitely has had its problems.

9th Dec 2010, 21:04

I have a 2002 Grand Am SE, which I bought used in 2006. It currently has 133,000s km. Since I've owned it, I've had the following problems:

1) Fuel pump - replaced in March 2009

2) Indicator lights - working intermittently - use the hazard light trick to get them going again

3) Ignition switch

4) After only 15 000 km's since last fuel pump was replaced, it failed and I had to spend another ridiculous amount of money on a new fuel pump, which I had done today - Dec 9, 2010, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

5) Have had the multi-functional switch replaced, because the washer fluid pump was not working - I bought it used at a local wrecking yard.

6) Also the panel on the rear left that the headlights and indicator bulbs go in is so rusted, that I've had to try and clean the metal contact of rust in order to have the bulbs make contact, but that will have to be replaced soon, which is a quick fix; I've already removed it once before, the auto wreckers have one in stock, which will save a ton of $$$.

7) I have spent a ton of money on tow trucks, not to mention the frustration on being stranded in the cold north weather at -20.

When I had the ignition switch problem, I purchased a Haynes book, and removed the radio and the panel, and managed to squeeze my hands into the area where the ignition switch is contained. I removed it and cleaned all the contacts, because they were dirty, thinking it might help, but had no luck, which is when I bought a brand new switch and replaced it, and it worked fine (I removed the fuses for the airbags first in case I set them off).

I also had the bulb go out in the console that lights up the shift stick, and that was a real pain, it took me at least 30 minutes. Why do they make these cars so inaccessible?

This make of car is horrible for water sitting in the ridges and causing rust, especially near the back doors and wheel wells. I've fixed the left side, and have the right side to repair next spring when the weather permits.

All of the above problems have occurred within a one year period (except the rust). So, I am really getting angry. I've checked out all the recall notices, and have not found anything. If anyone knows of any recalls, can you please let me know?

I still have monthly payments on this piece of garbage. I really have to get rid of this car before I go broke.



7th Jan 2011, 12:27

I have owned 3 Grand Ams. 2 were 1995's, one was a 2002 GT2. The first 95 was a GTSC. The second was plane jane SE.

Anywho, the SE was a great car. Had normal work done to the car. I know how to do all this myself, so it wasn't bad, but had to replace both front wheel bearings. Fixed window regulator. Hazard flasher went bad, and turn signals did not work, that's the problem with your turn signals people.

Now I sold that car to a buddy with 250,000 miles. Still running now, and has over 295,000 miles.. but had the 2.3 quad 4.

The GTSC had the 3100 V6.. Great car. Mad power. Had to fix the driver's window regulator as well. Power steering rack.. because of the variable speed assisted steering. Nothing else.. sold the car to my cousin with 150k on it, and he drives it for about 20k and blows the engine. He said the low coolant light came on, so I went and checked it out. The intake gaskets went bad. OK, no big deal, 150 dollar gasket kit. 3 hours of work and car would run again. Ha, not my dumba** cousin; decided to just keep adding water to it. Well push comes to a shove; the intake gaskets go so bad, that it started leaking in the oil, and seized the #3 and #4 cam bearings, causing the cam to snap in half; easily done as the 3100 and 3400V6 engines are hollow cams. But would have lasted longer if my cousin would have used his head.

Now on to my beloved 02 Grand Am GT2.. not your weak GT1 or SE1 V6. LOL this engine is the H.O. 3400. Very fast, a lot of torque. But have had to replace the front bearings. Cat throws a code every now and then. This is what causes your lack of power. About to just take it out completely. (don't have emissions test where I live, so probably not a good idea for most people). Rear widow had to be replaced. The defrost quit working. Rear speakers blew. Replaced those. CD player quit working. Replaced that. Thermostat just went. MAF went bad. As of right now, the torque converter is acting up. TCC is not fully engaging. That will cause the surge upon acceleration people are describing. Still under warranty, so I might just make the trans go bad to just get a whole new one. Haha.

The brake wear issue is causing the caliper slides stick. Just need taken apart and cleaned with a wire wheel and relubed; fixes that issue. Shops get you by saying you need calipers, or just replacing the brakes without seeing the actual cause of the premature wear. The ignition lock issue and security issue is not just Pontiac.. it is every GM out there.. from cars to trucks, i.e. Cadillac, Pontiac, Buick, Chevy, GMC, Hummer, Saabs from 01-09, all these GM vehicles, not just Pontiac, and the bearings are just the same..

G.M. has the worst reputation for bearings, also tie rods, ball joints. And brakes only need replaced when they have 1mm left in the rear and 2 mm in the front, as long as there are no other braking issues, i.e. seized calipers or seized caliper slides. So to everyone that owns a Pontiac, don't blame Pontiac, blame G.M.; they are the ones that ran Pontiac, and wanted to use cheap parts to make more profit, when in reality it drove them to kill many good car brands, because of the lack of quality in the vehicles.

3rd May 2012, 01:40

My turn signals do that too, and I do the hazard thing, and voila!!! Also my cruise control works at random. Do you know what causes that??