14th Mar 2009, 22:29

I agree I have the same nice looking piece of crap myself; electric problems, leaks, brakes.

31st May 2009, 19:26

I agree I have a 2002 Grand Am GT as well. Owned it for 2 years now and so far we have had trans flush and fill with filter change, cat problems, intake gaskets and head gaskets replaced.

Now the engine makes a ticking and clunking noise, which it is in the shop for now!!

1st Jun 2009, 21:24

NEVER have the transmission fluid changed in these cars unless you tow heavy stuff or do 100% city driving for over 60,000 miles. READ THE OWNER'S MANUAL!! It states "UNDER NORMAL DRIVING THE TRANSMISSION FLUID NEVER NEEDS CHANGING" (That's a direct quote from MY OWN Grand Am owner's manual).

I think one reason so many complaints show up on these cars is that NO ONE pays the slightest attention to the factory recommendations. Changing the transmission fluid in these cars can actually CAUSE problems. OF COURSE shops and dealers will tell you to change the fluid!! They want your $200. They will also tell you you need brake and suspension work when you DON'T. Wise up and get yourself a repair manual (Chilton's is an excellent choice) and learn something about your cars so you won't be at the mercy of dealers and shops.

I normally change brake pads at 70,000-110,000 miles, but I see people on here doing it at 20,000 miles and paying HUNDREDS. I did my own front pads on my GA in 15 minutes at a cost of $17. So can you.

17th Jul 2009, 11:49

I use to have issues with the intake gasket and certainly burned me, especially after having it changed at different dealerships. What I was told on the last repair was that it was a design/manufacturer flaw and that I was gonna get a totally new one, and have never had issues since. Other than that my 02 GT has been great (x-ctry 3 times, and slowly coming up on 94K miles).

Most of my repairs have been for high use items, like the driver's side window motor, and a pwr steering item (I was actually away for a year and my parents handled that so I'm not 100% sure which part it was). My only other issue I think is more self-induced, I've replaced the entire exhaust system, block to bumper and I'm about to go onto my 3rd Cat. I actually get better mileage when my cat is throwing service engine lights than when it's doing its job.

I love my 02 GA GT, and it's a shame Pontiac is going bye-bye. All they needed to do was up the reliability a bit, and keep going as they were going, the EXCITEMENT division of GM, but Noooooo, someone screwed it up by throwing out all the models and bringing in other GM cars, renaming them based off Asian/European number letter systems that just don't work for American cars, slapping new bumpers on them and trying to sell these bland and ugly cars. Sorry, we're not that dumb, somewhere the excitement fizzled, I suspect it was in a boardroom somewhere.

21st Jul 2009, 10:50

2002 Grand AMT GT1...

Yeah the strange noise at the front of the car was a stumper for the GM technician. Every time I brought my car in, I told them about the strange noise but they couldn't figure it out. To me, it sounded like rubber rubbing against each other. Eventually the tires were the cause of the problem (I believe) because the noise went away.

Like others, I seem to service the brakes a lot too (at least once a year).

Anyways, I got rid of the Grand AM. I liked the car, but it had too many problems that cost me thousands of dollars to maintain.

29th Aug 2009, 11:58

I have had my Pontiac for 4 years now. In those four years I have now replaced the cat twice. After the second, we found out that you have to put the good gas in, and since then that problem has been OK.

My turn signals have a mind of their own; they work when they want. I learned a trick to that; when they don't work, hit your hazard lights quick and this will get your turn signal going again.

The intake gasket has been replaced. Both of the front bearings have been replaced; when these are faulty your dashboard lights up like a Christmas tree.

Fuel pump went, but that can be expected with any car. Same with the brakes and tires.

5th Oct 2009, 13:26

I have to agree.. I have a 02 SE1 and I can't believe all the problems I've had. From window components being replaced, to leaky gaskets (repaired twice), overflow bottle issues, the security system has a defect, a fuel pump, and now a possible transmission problem. It's definitely a losing battle with these cars. This certainly puts a bad taste in my mouth for Pontiac! I will never buy one again.

Good look to all you Grand Am owners I feel your pain! And to any potential Pontiac owners... Stay away!

9th Dec 2009, 13:02

I have a 04 Grand Am GT SCT with 94000 miles, and I have only replaced the front rotors and brake pads once, and put an alternator in it. Other than regular maintenance, I have had no problems with it. So they must have fixed some of the issues.

10th Dec 2009, 07:25

I have a 2002 Grand Am and so does my sister. We experience the same problem with the signal lights, they work when ever they decide to. This can be a very dangerous situation.

16th Dec 2009, 11:23

I suspect you may have been taken by unscrupulous shops telling you you need stuff you don't need. My 2001 SE-1 has proven to be flawless. One of the best vehicles I've ever owned. Some of the issues stated so often in these reviews appear to be due to either owner neglect/abuse or shops taking them for a ride.

1) Yes, the window clips in these cars ARE fragile. I have solved the issue by simply telling all my family and friends "DON'T SLAM THE DOOR". In 9 years the car has never had a problem.

2) A clogged fuel filter (about a $20 repair) mimics a fuel pump failure. Shops LOVE to get these cars in with a clogged fuel filter. They say "you need a fuel pump" and charge you hundreds to replace the filter, and never TOUCH the fuel pump. The fuel filters should be replaced every 30,000-40,000 miles. It takes about 5 minutes and your dog can probably do it.

3) The transmissions in these cars NEVER NEED SERVICING...EVER. Check your owner's manual. It clearly states "under normal driving conditions the transmission NEVER needs servicing". Shops tell people to have the fluid changed in these cars. DON'T! It can actually CAUSE premature transmission failure. Mine has never been touched. In 9 years I've had ZERO problems. It still shifts flawlessly.

4) The turn signal malfunction is (99% of the time) the flasher unit. A simple fix for about $20.

As a mechanic I really hate to see people getting taken for a ride by unscrupulous shops and dealers. A repair manual, such as Hayne's, is about $15 at Auto Zone. If you learn to do minor repairs yourself, and learn how things on your car work, you will not be such easy prey for mechanics looking to charge you $500 for a repair that you could do yourself for $15. I just had a co-worker tell me they paid $900 for a brake job!! That is highway robbery!! I replaced the front brake pads on my Grand Am (the only repair its ever had other than 1 light bulb) at 70,000 miles. It cost me $17 and took 15 minutes. My WIFE can replace brake pads. Do some research and learn how to be more self-reliant in doing your own repairs.

Also, I'd recommend the Grand Am to anyone in a heartbeat. This has been one of the best cars we've ever owned. In 9 years it has required tires, a battery, one light bulb and front brake pads (the rear are still good at 85,000+ miles). Not counting the tires and battery, it has cost me a whopping $27 in repairs. I call that VERY good service. The interior looks like new, the exterior looks like new and it drives like new with not one single rattle.