2nd Oct 2001, 17:52

I have been fairly happy with my white 97 Grand Am GT. However, I have had to replace the electric window motors twice, this will be my 3rd time and I will get them done for free, but it's annoying and I will most likely not go back to a Pontiac, thanks Pontiac for making my life annoying :)

1st Nov 2001, 18:06

After market parts are available for this model and year. I have done many mods myself; view www.grandamgt.com. I bought mine used, and have had no problems with it.

15th Jun 2002, 21:27

June 15,2002.

I bought my Grand Am GT off the showroom floor. I love this car. It handles great and has plenty of power. The only problems that I have had with this car is the alternator. And I keep having problems with the window motors. I had to have two replaced. I see I am not the only grand am owner with this problem. Something should be done about this.

Mikey N.

10th May 2003, 09:31

I have a 1997 Grand Am SE. Only problems I have had so far are common problems. 1. Power windows, Power window motors on roughly all GM cars tend to have problems. It's mainly the design of the motors that causes it. 2. The brakes underrated for this particular car. They brake system itself is good, however the pads and rotors tend to wear too quickly, this car does not handle panic stops well with stock brakes. 3. The alternator seems to go bad rather often. My suggestion is the alternator be replaced with a NAPA gold alternator, or a quality rebuilt alternator. Don't go with the cheap one, they burn out too quickly.

The problems I have had with this car are minor, I would gladly buy another Grand Am.

92000 miles, and the only major repair I have had to get done on it was replace the water pump. "it was under warranty at the time"

1st Oct 2003, 11:34

I bought my 1997 grand am gt w/38M miles. I can't keep brakes or rotors on it. Dex-cool ruined the water pump and head gasket. I've had numerous repairs due to the Dex-cool and brake problems. It now has 98M miles on it and I've replaced the brake pads and rotors 5 times. This car has cost much more to keep than it is worth. Kenny.

13th Aug 2004, 21:23

I like my 1997 grand am GT. But now that I have 12,000 on the car I have to keep fixing it. The brakes, converter core charge c, sensor ox, ciol, left and right axle seal replaced now 3 times, and know the control arms and sway bar links are going again. I will never buy a Pontiac again.