7th Dec 2001, 21:55

There is a special service bulliton on the Quad4 (OHC) engine. The cylinder head is prone to cracking so they extended the warranty on the engine for 6yrs or 100,000 which ever comes first. GM used crapy head gaskets on these cars so they do blow. However, replacing them with a higher quality gasket (FEL-PRO brand) will eliminate this problem.

28th Feb 2002, 13:13

Quad four with a cracked head, mechanic has had 2 used ones looked at and both have the same crack. Have asked him to bolt it all back up and will flog it. Will buy Japanese next time for certain, North American makers seem to have forgot how to build an engine.

1st Jul 2002, 13:23

We have a '95 Grand Am, 129,000 K, with head gasket, possibly cracked head, problems. Also noisy top end, suspect needs new timing gear and chain. GM refuses to recognize problem with motors even though according to everyone we talk to says they are notorious for head gasket problems.

16th Sep 2002, 11:12

I have a 1992 Grand Am Se, and I had the water pump changed the exhuast fan, and the thermostat changed, before my machanic told me that my head gaskets had a crack in them. I hate this car, but I don't have the money for a new car. I bought the car used for 3500 dollars, and I put about 3000 dollars in the car already. Not a wise decision to buy this car.

12th May 2003, 11:43

I have a 93 grand am SE, 4 cyl., 180,000 miles. Except for a little timing chain rattle the car runs beautiful. 33 mpg.

23rd Aug 2003, 19:57

I Just bought a 93 grand am SE 4door with a 2.3liter Quad 4, this can has been trouble since I got it so far I've only had it for 24hours when broke down on the highway. I took it to a mechanic that I've gone to for years and he's had it for two weeks. turns out that I needed a new muffler, oil sensory pan, transmission fluid pan, fuel filter was original, entire coil tower, as well as four brand new tires. So far entire expenses on this car have totaled to $1500 not including the sales price of the car $2000. To sum it all up I've had one two week long headache which I wish I could get back.

2nd Sep 2003, 11:30

My 93 grand am has lived up to what I have just read. So far since I've owned it it has had a radiator, timing belt, then head gasket, then oil pump, then due to low riding oil pan, a cracked oil pan, which I just replaced and before it had another 200 miles, the motor is making terrible noise and the mechanic said another motor is needed as it is shot. It has 122K on it.

17th Nov 2003, 13:54

About the hesitations with the Grand Am. Try replacing the Mass Airflow Sensor. I had the same problem, and it fixed it. Do the repair yourself, it is very easy; the part is just a little costly.

24th Jun 2004, 19:13

I bought 93 grand am 3.3 engine about 5months ago. I have had to replace the torque solenoid, both passenger motor mounts, and my motor still move back and forth.

26th Jun 2004, 23:22

My 89 Pontiac Grand Am has in the past year, needed a new head gasket, a new clutch, new starter, and recently I was told it again needed a new head gasket. In addition it has had other problems including exhaust, shocks and struts, shock plugs and oddly my radio and the tape player which is factory installed has stopped working. But one of its great factors is that it gets good gas mileage.

24th Jun 2007, 23:56

Quad4's did have a problem with the head, but mine didn't go until like 180,000 miles. I put a 94 engine in and it ran great and got great gas mileage. It seems like it's either hit or miss with these!

20th Mar 2008, 23:15

I had so many car, I last one chevy blazer 119 LT was best I had so powerful engine easy to drive but 4.3 LT? now I buy 1993 Pontiac am looks to me run OK, may over heating I don't know I need to drive more? but If you buy car or buy new one please keep change oil before get dirty, replace filter, keep clean engine, do not drive over load, do not go in bad road, take care of car like your kid's I promise works for you... we are so lazy just drive and drive and drive until car make noise and break?

4th Jun 2008, 16:13

I bought a 94 quad with the single over head cam about a year ago. It has 250,000 miles on it and uses about a quart of oil a month, which is very typical of a car its mileage.

If I'm not mistaken, the main problems with the quads are with the dual overhead cams, so I ended up lucky there. However when I first got it, I had to replace a top motor mount and a strut, which equaled somewheres around 200 bucks for the parts. I did the labor myself, so no cost there.

I only paid 400 bucks for the car (it always pays to check the deals at the local title pawn). Anyways, for 600 bucks I guess I didn't do too bad. I've drove the crap out of it. I've raced it, jumped ditches with it, ran it up on sidewalks, and oh yeah, there was a dead tree on the ground I backed up onto one time that I didn't see. But it's still going strong.