2nd Apr 2009, 16:59


Well I picked this thing up in 2005 as graduation present for myself at 60000 miles.

First problem was at the dealer. It would shift through the automatic gears, except it had to be slammed into first.

Now 2009 and at 116000 miles there hasn't been too many problems that I can recall.

The change oil light was an easy fix - sometimes after you get your oil changed, go into the manual and it will tell you how to turn it off.. do the steps twice...

The security light too is a just a degradation effect. It is telling your car that is is being stolen LOL. It is cutting off the gas to your engine. When you're trying to start it and the light for security is blinking, that is what is going on. All you have to do is turn it to standby for 10 minutes and it will start. Only way to get that fixed is to get your secure pass checked out by the Pontiac dealership. It is your security system built into the GT package that doesn't allow you to go..

The thing that I found that was funny is that the GT package for the car comes with a factory window tint... that is illegal in 48 states.. I got ticketed in VA, NE, GA, and CA for the tint on it. I tried to say it was with the package and still the ticket came... HAVE FUN.

19th Apr 2009, 17:05

You all need to start taking better care of your cars. I have had a Grand Am since 2000, and bought it brand new. Haven't had a problem yet. Simple maintenance will save you money in the long run.

23rd Apr 2009, 20:27

I'm an owner of a 2000 Pontiac Grand Am... and I can honestly say that security light is a pain in the butt... I went to the mall today, and when I was trying to go home, the security light turned on and my car wouldn't start... I had to wait 30 minutes for it to actually start.. This is a pain in the butt, especially for people who work..

GM needs to realize that it's their fault.. I mean I've already paid them for this problem twice, and each time they said they fixed it but apparently not.. they need to admit that it's their fault and just give everyone their money back...


28th Apr 2009, 18:05

I bought my 2000 Pontiac Grand Am in 2006 with 80,000 miles on it. For the first year, the car ran phenomenally! But...

In January 2007, one of the springs broke on the front end. The spring and strut on the front end are unfortunately sold welded together and they are sold in pairs at the cost of $1200 (including labor). Then the back struts are bad, which they were brand new when I bought the car. For the last three months...

* I could not drive on the interstate because the car would randomly cut off. I would have to pull to the side of the road and let the car sit for 10-15 minutes, then it would start up again.

* Every now and then when stopped at a light or a stop sign, the oil light will blink or remain solid until I hit the accelerator. Had this checked - nothing wrong.

* No dashboard lights... checked bulbs, fuses, etc. to no avail.

* Driver's side window does not work.

* Heat/AC control used to only work on 3, 4 or 5 - now it does not work at all.

* Had to replace factory CD player because it would randomly eject CDs forcefully... one even cut the back seat it flew out so fast! Imagine how my kids felt - no one ever sat in the middle of the back seat.

* Now my fuel pump has decided to not work at the cost of $500.

*My driver's seat does not work anymore - at 5'3", trying to drive with the seat as far back as it will go and reclining is NOT FUN or safe!

* The covering on the inside of the back passenger door is peeling.

* The rear defrost works sometimes.

*The headlights sometimes fall out and the driver's side headlight is kind of foggy-looking.

* I believe there is power steering fluid leaking slowly from somewhere, because there is always a half dollar-sized spot on the ground in my garage when I leave for work, but when I come home it has evaporated and leaves no stain. Had this checked and no one can find any leaks or the source of this leak.

* The power steering whines when I am turning...

The list goes on. I have not had any of the ABS/Engine light problems or the security problem, but I am wondering are they in my future? Has anyone heard anything about any of this stuff being recalled? Today GM announced they are dumping the Pontiac brand! Hmmmm... I wonder why? Maybe GM lost money because people realize they bought LEMONS and vowed to never again buy another GM vehicle!!!

10th May 2009, 23:45

I've had a 2000 Grand Am since 2001. It has not been the most trouble-free car, for sure.

The security light came on, had to replace the ignition switch to fix that... $400. Water pump went out, and since the idiots who designed it made it so you have to remove the timing cover to change the pump, that cost me $700.

The tranny blew up, a $2 part in the guts of the thing broke, and they had to completely tear it down to replace the part... cost $3100.

Starter went out, took the alternator with it (in the middle of a vacation trip out of state), cost me $700 (plus I had to rent a car for 4 days), to replace those two in some podunk town in Idaho. A wheel speed sensor crapped out, and cost me ~ $375... this thing has not been cheap!

11th May 2009, 10:47

Wow, what can I say - I found this while doing a google search on having to replace my 2000 Grand Am's brakes 4 times in 9 years. Nice to know I'm not the only one having so many issues with this car!

I bought mine brand new, and after 2 years I had to replace the front brakes. The dealer told me they "rusted" out - whatever that means. Then just about every 18-20 months after that I have had the front brakes done, rotors replaced or resurfaced too. I also have the issue where the fan doesn't work on speeds 1 & 2. And I have the fun problem of the turn signal noise continuing even after the turn signal has stopped. The dealer just quoted me $1550 to replace the quirky signal and to redo the brakes AGAIN. There is no way I can keep sinking money into this car - HELP!!!

24th May 2009, 18:21

I just bought a 2000 Grand Am SE 2.4, and I love it. It's only got 99 000 on it, and all these problems I can't really see having as long as you take good care of it, but I'll keep you all posted in the near future. Thanks.