2000 Pontiac Grand Am GT 3.4 V6 Ram Air from North America


A great bargain for the performance and price


Rotors warped twice, but the problem was rectified by a new rotor design from GM.

Water leaked consistently into the passenger compartment from the moon-roof and the doors.

Bushing on the stabilizer bars dried out and creaked continually.

General Comments:

This car is a good car. It had some issues which were fixed, though I was not willing to be patient with it.

The acceleration on this car is incredible. It's light enough that it doesn't spin its tires a lot, but can throw you through an intersection quickly. While it goes up quickly in speed, it drops back down just as quick, 0-60 is 7.79 seconds, and 60-0 is 2.5 seconds. It has a fast, firm shift, which attributes to it's quickness as well.

While it is nice inside, it does feel like you are shoe-horned into the cabin. One of the nicer things was that all the radio controls, and temperature controls were angled slightly to the driver.

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Review Date: 7th May, 2001

2000 Pontiac Grand Am GT from North America


Nice looking car, terrible manufacturing


1. Left tierod almost fell off.

2. Rattling noise in the front end (problem still not rectified after 8 times in service).

3. Turning signal turns on for no reason (problem still not rectified after 8 times of service).

4. 2 warped cables caused the radio to stop working.

5. Strut and seat needed replaced.

6. Both rotors and brakes needed replaced due to tierod.

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Review Date: 2nd April, 2001

27th Aug 2003, 15:32

Same problem with turning lights. Don't work properly. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. Sometimes they might start if you use the emergency lights, but will stop working for no reason. Already replaced the part, no luck.


San Antonio.

2000 Pontiac Grand Am 4 from North America


Good ride for the money???


My front rotors keep WARPING, started at 350 miles and still going.

General Comments:

A lot of car for the money if they can get the braking system fixed.

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Review Date: 24th March, 2001

12th Jun 2001, 11:49

I am the owner of 2000 Grand Am SE2 (6 cylinder).

It was the car of my dreams until I hit about 7,000 miles and felt the front end pulsating as I applied the brakes. I took it into the dealer and the rotors were "out of round" so they turned them. That temporarily fixed the problem for another 3,000 and then the pulsating front end reappeared when I applied the brakes. I took it back to the dealer and they replaced the rotors (supposedly). That seemed to last about 10,000 and the pulsating came back for a 3rd time. I was furious at this time, but I'm not one to cause a scene, so I took it back to the dealer and my rotors were out of round again!! This time I had to replace the brake pads as well as have the rotors turned.

Now, it seems that everyone I know who has a 1999 or 2000 Grand Am has also been having brake/rotor problems. That's why I searched around and found this website! I would love to hear from others who've had success with the correction of this braking problem.


Sherri/St Louis, mo.

2000 Pontiac Grand Am SE2 3.4 liter OHV V-6 from North America


A well performing car for the price


Have not had any problems with the vehicle so far.

General Comments:

The interior is comfortable enough for front passengers, but the cramped rear seats can grow tiring on long trips, and don't try to fit three people back there.

The drivers seat is comfortable but could use more lateral support, on hard corners I often find my butt sliding to the side of the seat which can become annoying.

Many people think the dash is overstyled, but I love the way it looks. The displays light up in red at night which looks very cool. The stereo has very good sound so long as you don't blast the volume, reception isn't great but pop in a CD and you will get excellent sound. The steering wheel radio controls are very useful, I don't think I would get a car without them now.

Wind noise and engine roar are pretty well isolated, but tire drum can become objectional at highway speeds.

The suspension lets you feel all but the smallest bumps, but the ride isn't punishing. On the other hand, the suspension keeps the tires in contact with the road very well. Handling is very good for all but the most aggressive driving.

The steering is accurate and responsive. But it is on the heavy side and needs a good amount of effort.

Braking is good, with a firm pedal feel. Although the brakes do feel somewhat unlinear. Transmission is smooth and quick to downshift when you call for more power.

Engine is powerful enough for almost all driving situations. Plenty of low-end touque, but could use some more horsepower in hard driving. Merging onto a highway is never a problem, and you usually don't have to think twice about passing on a two-lane. At 60 mph, engine is running at a mere 1700 RPM, and doesn't feel or sound stressed even at 85 mph.

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Review Date: 17th March, 2001

28th Aug 2004, 21:39

Thank you for that review. It was very helpful in my contemplating about a 1999 Grand Am that I'm looking to buy as my first car. I will definitely be purchasing this car model.