2000 Pontiac Grand Am GT 3.4 Ram Air from North America


Goodyear RSA tires replaced under warranty. These tires for many Grand Am GT owners have been the source of particular grinding noise. Replacing the tires solved the problem. By the way if you car warranty has run out the dealer I understand are still obligated to replace the tires.

The front rotors are warped. This is a common problem on many front wheel drive vehicles. My 1996 Bonneville had the same problem.

General Comments:

Good get up and go. The 3.4 is not the most refined engine, but smooth enough overall.

GM could design the front suspension better to filter out impact noise on bumps. Test drive a Jetta and you will experience a very refined and composed suspension system.

Road and wind noise are well hushed. My Bonneville was a little better, because the 3.8 SeriesII engine is very quiet.

The build quality is much better than Grand Prix which is rife with lots of hard plastic. Check out Grand Prix console and dash... the Grand Am is by far better.

Handling very quick response, however somewhat twitchy. The handling isn't as fluid as some of its competitor, but it is able to hold its own out there.

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Review Date: 30th November, 2002

2000 Pontiac Grand Am GT V6 3.4 from North America


The car was perfect and ran well until reaching about 16K - 20K miles, that's when it all began.

First it started with the rotors, that they were out of round. They first that for free.

Than the power steering rack had to be replaced - thank god I had an extended warranty.

Than the lower head gasket had to be replaced because it was always leaking antifreeze eveywhere, and always adding it.

Than one day it wouldn't start - the fuel pump has to be replaced.

Now when your on the highway it won't shift into it's last gear causing the gas mileage to go way down.

Last, but not least it has a misfire, and the electronic control module has to be replaced, what else is new I told them.

My best comment to you it don't buy one of these or any GM for that matter, and if you already have one, GET RID OF IT NOW BEFORE IT'S TO LATE!

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Review Date: 28th November, 2002

4th Mar 2006, 16:12

Well no wounder you had those problems. From the looks of it you put on almost 70,000 miles in 2 years.

19th Jun 2007, 03:14

It doesn't matter how fast you put miles on a car. Miles are miles, whether it's over 1 year or 10 years. Pontiacs can't handle high mileage. Bottom line, don't buy one!

26th Jun 2007, 02:38

I have 160K miles on my car. I have never had a problem with it. I love my car.

2000 Pontiac Grand Am from North America


Not worth the time or money


At 34,000 miles after about 14 months (2,000 before expiration of warranty), the engine started grinding while driving and the Check Engine and Track Off lights came on. It turned out there was a hole in one of the cylinders. The dealer couldn't explain why there was a hole, or why it took almost a year for the hole to become a problem.

Exactly 11 months later, the engine had the same problem. Another hole in another cylinder. But because the car is no longer under warranty, it is going to cost big bucks to fix it.

The check oil light also comes on (and makes the ding noise) every 500-600 miles or so after an oil change.

General Comments:

For a 2000 Grand Am being only 2 years old, there have just been too many problems in too little time. I shouldn't have to add a quart of oil every 600 miles (but now that we know holes keep developing in the cylinders, this may contribute to the oil problem).

My girlfriend has a 1991 Honda Civic and it ran beautifully for more than 240,000 miles before the original transmission finally gave out and she just got a new one (another Honda). Looks like I'm going to have to get a new car as well, and I promise you, it won't be a Pontiac.

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Review Date: 18th November, 2002

4th Jan 2003, 06:27

Just to add another side of the coin to your review: I owned a 2000 Grand Am. Bought it used with 25,000 miles on it. Never had one single problem with it up to 60,000 miles, when I totaled it. It did, however, have the all-too-common 'weld' problem that led to pooling of water under the seats after driving in rain.

I feel your frustration, as I've had a few lemons. But, to totally dismiss a certain model of car based on one person's experience is a bit naive.

Coincidentally, the car that I bought to replace my totaled 2000 was a 2002 Grand Am. If I had more money, I would definitely go for a Chevy Camaro or Silverado. But, bang for buck, the Grand Am is a pretty good deal for those of us that can't afford nicer cars. The dealer was trying to unload Grand Prix's on me. While the engine is real nice, the ergonomics are horrible. That's one thing that I love about the later model Grand Am's...the ergonomics. And, after being in a head-on collision at 50mph, I must say it's safety design is not too shabby (not a scratch on me, save for a slight bruise on my left knee).