2000 Pontiac Grand Am GT1 2.4 from North America


A fantastic auto that I will be replacing as soon as the turbo charged Grand Am 2003 GT1 is out


My brakes were giving me trouble at 10,000 miles. The dealer told me this was a dealer recall that had just had come out. They were fixed immediately with no cost to me.

At 35,000 a front wheel bearing was going out. This is a sealed unit that cannot be greased. It too was replaced with no cost to me. I have been very satisfied since and have seen no other problems.

General Comments:

In the 70's I owned a 69 351 Mach I Mustang and next was a 70 SS350 Camaro. I know what muscle is!

The performance with this Grand Am GT1 is simply unbelievable with the V6! Handling is also great. Gas mileage is 30mpg with cruise control on doing 78mph with air on! Trying to do the best for gas mileage, doing 65mph with air off you can get 34 mpg!

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Review Date: 7th February, 2002

2000 Pontiac Grand Am SE1 2.4 from North America


The brakes are horrible and are an insult to a good car


The front end and steering wheel started vibrating at 13,000 and 17,700 miles.

There was also rattling noise under the front end at 17,700 miles. The front strut bearing and mount assembly were warped.

At 21,730 miles, there was still rattling noise and excessive play in the front end. The front outer tie rod ends were warped.

The front end and steering wheel started vibrating again at 27,774 miles.

General Comments:

It's a great car to drive and to look at, but there are some serious issues with the braking system in this car.

I purchased this car brand new and can't believe all the troubles I'm having with the front end. It seems as though when one problem is fixed (temporarily) another problem surfaces.

I really like my car, but I'm becoming very aggravated.

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Review Date: 17th January, 2002

7th Jul 2004, 11:15

I had the same problem with my car shaking when I braked. It was the rotors, and as soon as they were turned, no more shake. I've replaced the brake pads once, big deal. I've heard a lot of gripes about the brakes and the shaking, but I've got over 109,000 miles on my 2000 SE, and with regular maintenance I haven't had any problems. Any car will have poor performance with little or no maintenance. For the price, I feel like I got a pretty good deal.

2000 Pontiac Grand Am SE 2.4 liter from North America


The lemon of the Pontiac line


The track off light came on all the time. We had it fixed 3 times.

The driver's side window would not roll back up, and had to have a new switch put in.

The main component of the ignition went out, and it had to be towed to the dealer to get it fixed as it would not start!!

We purchased the car at an out of town dealership, and the in town dealership would not service it as we purchased it from a different dealer.

General Comments:

It is a sporty looking car and when it runs, it runs great.

Make sure that you check with your insurance agent and get a direct quote. For it not being a GT, it has high insurance as it is a small car.

The radio worked great, it really cranked.

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Review Date: 18th December, 2001

26th Feb 2002, 12:33

I agree with every comment. Maybe it is time GM took a look at this site. I am so fed up with my Grand Am, I can't even see straight. Time to step up Pontiac and fix your dealers customer service policy and the junk that they produce.

21st Jan 2003, 14:08

Glad to see I'm not alone!! I purchased two 2002 Grand Ams last year - one for myself and one for my daughter.

So far we have had water come in from the wheel wells to drench the passenger side carpet.

The button that holds the seat belt latch fell off after two weeks.

The control button of the driver's side mirror fell in the door.

The interior roof light fell out.

Yesterday my radio/CD player broke.

What a disappointment. My first Pontiac is my last!

29th May 2003, 07:29

I have a 2000 and it has given me no problems what so ever. I bought it with 16,000 miles and I have put all most 35,000 more on it. It has been running smoothly for the last two years and, being in Indiana, that is saying quite a bit about dependablity. Overall, I am very satisfied with my purchase and hope others to have the same luck as I have had.

14th Jun 2003, 18:45

I bought my 2000 Pontiac grand am SE with 32000 on it. I now have around 40000 and no sign of any problems. the interior is comfortable and fun to drive. I recommend this car any day.

"its most likely not the cars fault, but the driver him/herself"