11th Oct 2005, 20:38

Oh my gosh! This site makes me want to cry because I thought I was going insane with my car!! This car has been nothing, but a problem from day ONE! First is was the starter, which I was told was part of the security system, of which I have no control over, I didn't' know I had a security system! Then the flywheel broke, which caused a main gasket to crack and break off. The air and the heater both will not work unless it is on 3. Now, I too am having the mysterious "security" light problem, where the car decides not to start and I have to sit and wait about 10 minutes until the light stops flashing before it will start. I've taken the car to my mechanic, who is very good to me and he says he knows there's a problem with it, but the system checks that they can run show nothing on them. It's not even something they can figure out from running a diagnostic from the computer. If anyone knows how to fix this, please help! I've heard that after so long, the car just plain won't start... I will never again buy a pontiac, this car makes me sad.

12th Oct 2005, 08:31

I too own a 2000 Gran Am GT which I am having big troubles with. I haven't seen any comments on here about a harsh grinding sound when turning at low speeds. I found (after owning the car less than a week) that it is caused by the tires. Whenever you put Goodyear LS tires (225/50/16) on the car it will do this. There is a Technical Service Bulletin out about this subject for no reason. My car is currently in the shop with a coolant leak at 49,000 miles. I have only owned it for just under 2 months and it had been back to the dealer 4 times. First for the rotors to be turned, then pads, then the tire noise, and now the coolant leak. I haven't even put 3,000 miles on it yet. Add to this, the dealer is trying to give me the runaround and telling me the coolant leak is "just a little seepage"!!! Since when is any coolant leak OK? I will not buy another Pontiac again.

20th Jan 2006, 01:19

We had the security light problem, too. We went and had a new key made, and it worked just fine again. A few months later, though, it started right back up again. Made a new key, and it's working just fine.

We've had the coolant leak problem, too. It didn't start up until recently, and we were trying to figure out what caused it.

On another note, has anyone had a problem with their sunroof? (This is why I'm browsing this site) My husband opened up his sunroof, and it seems like the motor went out- now the sunroof won't close. I figured the problem was similar to the driver/passenger windows.

Seriously, what's up with this car? We both love it to death, but it sure can be a pain sometimes!

13th Apr 2006, 16:07

I own a 2000 Grand Am SE, which has 89000 miles on it. And I have had the same exact problems as everyone on here. I've had to replace the manifold, the power steering pump, the water pump, serpentine belt, the rotors once and brakes 4 times since purchasing the car, the power windows on both sides had to have new motors put in, the radio display has stopped working and now my front end is making a ticking noise. I just had the tires rotated and balanced and as soon as that happened the ticking noise started. Any suggestions on what it is? Basically love the car, but can't afford to keep it around anymore. Time to get a new one... and not a Pontiac.

3rd May 2006, 17:55

Same Problems here with a 2000 SE Grand Am, 132000 KM`s. When I purchased the car, Great Shape and clean. Had the dealer put new brakes and a few other things on, They were happy to do it. Now the brakes are pushing back after putting on new rotors and pads. A lot of people are telling me these cars are notorious for front ends.

4th May 2006, 17:31

The OEM brake pads and rotors that come with the Grand Am are not of the best quality. You can expect 20 - 30k with them before it's time for service. I would recommend getting an after-market set of pads and rotors. I purchased powerslot rotors and Hawk pads and have not had to have any service for nearly 3 years now. Next time you take it in for a brake service ask them about "performance" parts. They will be more expensive initially, but will last significantly longer.

22nd May 2006, 09:04

I have a 2000 Gt and love it to death, but I had a faulty thermostat which in turn caused a blown head gasket. While this is not an expensive or hard fix I was wondering if anybody else had this problem? I also had an O2 sensor go out at about 96000 miles. I haven't had any of the other problems (yet). I do have a solution to the tire problem though. Go with a bigger rim size. I have low pro 17's and don't have a problem. I did feel the shaking at high speeds, but once I put new tires on and had them balanced that problem went away. One other issue, when you add coolant you have to open the bleeder valve and bleed all the air out of the block or the system will get air-locked and then you have serious problems.

20th Jul 2006, 08:25

I have been reading numerous messages this morning about the 2000 Grand Am and I cannot believe how many of us are having the same problems with the car. I actually have a mystery problem this morning which is why I am on here, but it is very distressing to see all of this.

My mystery problem is this, I have a huge saturated water spot on the floor on the drivers side. There is no puddle under the car and I've had a few co-workers take a look to see if they could find the source of the "leak" but no one seems to see a problem. There is no water trail (it's definitely water and not antifreeze) from the window, which is broken and doesn't go down anyway, or by the peddles, or by the moon roof, nowhere. So there is nothing to follow to try to find the source. The water is no where else, but on the driver's side. I'm guessing I'll have to go to the mechanic yet again, but I was hoping someone might be able to shed some light before I have to spend another fortune on a car with only 64,000 miles on it. Thanks!

27th Jul 2006, 15:42

Wow is all I can say about this website.. I did not realize how many problems there are with this car.. I too am having a problem (after many others) that I am wondering if anyone can help with?

My car will not start.. the engine turns over, but does not "catch". I have had a couple of friends look and listen to it, and they both say it is not getting any gas.. the fuel pump works fine. I can hear it when I turn the key, but it will not start! Any advice??