17th Feb 2007, 19:04

Just a comment to the others who have the trac off-ABS-veh soon lights coming on at the same time. Those lights going off at the same time I was told usually mean that you have a automatic light out "daytime running lamps". This is what I was told for my 01 Grand Am SE. I have had so many of these same problems that it is ridiculous. Good luck to you all!!

19th Feb 2007, 15:28

OK, hello all.

I have a 2000 Grand Am SE with the 2.4L. My biggest complaint is that the fuel tank is too small, however, that's not the problem I am really having. First of all, a quick note: This vehicle has 3 fuse boxes: One on the driver's side, one on the passenger side (your typical driver's side box split into two), and one under the hood. For those of you looking for the clock fuse, look in the passenger side box under "Radio Batt." Now to my problem, and possibly an answer for a lot of you. I have the ABS, Brake, Service Vehicle Soon, and Trac Off lights stuck on.

Now my brakes are working nomally and the fluid level is full, also, there appear to be no leaks in the system. Does this sound familiar? Typically, the actual Brake light coming on I found out is the real clencher to the entire situation. If it's just your ABS and Trac Off, it means either bad sensor, sensor wiring, or bad wheel hub or bearing.

If this includes the Brake warning light and fluid levels are normal and you cannot find any leaks in the system, then this means either parking brake switch failure or ABS computer failure and may not be entirely as serious as it seems, and if the has failed, it will not give any codes, and may not even give a code for parking brake switch because the system may think it's still engaged.

If the brake light is on along with the others, yet all seems normal, have those 2 things checked first and then step back through the list from there.

Also, another note on brakes, if you are noticing a jitter in the front end only when you brake, this usually points to warped rotors. Rotors have a tendency to warp easily in high heat with disc brakes. One suggestion that was made to me since I am on the virge of getting the rotors replaced on my Grand Am, see if you can get a set of the Pontiac mag (5 spoke) wheels for the Grand Am. They will keep the rotors much cooler and prevent warping much more than the typical steel wheels or standard cast aluminum.

23rd Feb 2007, 19:08

I bought my Grand Am GT in November 2005. Since I have had the turn signal problem where they go out because of the hazard switch, however when I took it to the dealership they said it wasnt on recall. Had my intake gasket replaced. Luckily I have mechanic friends so we did it for a mere 120 for just the price of the gasket. There is actually a new aluminum gasket being made for this which supposedly stops this problem. I also noticed the first 2 fan speeds not working how exactly do you get this fixed? Otherwise its my project car, I love how quick it is compared to other cars its size. I have a 4 door due to my having a child and I still sport it when the babys at home. I'm trying to find out the wheel size to get a new set of rims however I can't find confirming information that they are 5x115mm offset.

9th Apr 2007, 12:25

I have just picked up a 1999 grand am GT with 220km. I have seen some of the problems on here, hopefully the previous owners have taken care of most of them (advantage of high miles) but the dealer has been good so far. They gave it to me with new pads and rotors, but since then the drivers windows has started to work when it wants, the check engine light has come on, and also the ABS-trac lights. The dealer has agreed to fix all of the above, but well see what else lies down the road. I love the car in general, it goes like a bat out of hell.

9th Apr 2007, 18:03

Just bought a 99 grand am se 4dr with the 3400 motor 70,000 miles for my daughter. So far we had...

1. power steering leaking (dealer said it was the pressure hoses.. replaced)

2. drivers side window regulator slide tabs broken (in the process of replacing)

3. fan air vents all spinning when fan is turned on high (funniest dam thing you ever seen, you need to witness this to truly appreciate)

4. door cover material seems to be peeling away from window (front driver and passenger)

5. volume control knob will not turn radio up unless you turn the knob r e a l s l o w. (and when you turn it down sometimes it turns up..neat!)

6. ABS TRAC lights come on... and off at will.

7. low coolant light (also interesting)

8.#1 and #2 fan speed (no workiee) looking at buying the resistor pack (thanks for the 411 on this folks!)

9. Mystery oil leak (ooh! goody!)

10. lights burned out in instrument cluster (how romantic!)

11. fuel gauge all over the place!

12. rotors (nothing left to say here that others have not)

There is more.. but I grow tired of complaining. Did I forget to mention we only owned the car for one week (my bad)I will admit this is a bit of a project car for me.. but I mean come-on Pontiac! YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THIS PRODUCT, as I am to have to warn others... Do you even care.. or are you too big to be concerned. Look at it this way.. it gives your dealers extra money for repair work... But then... you already know that don't you. Can't imagine why people are buying cars from Japan these days.

27th Apr 2007, 19:54

I have a 2000 grand am... and recently it has been nothing, but a pain! In the past week, I've had to have someone jump it because it wouldn't start. I also have the security light come on with this happens... as well as service vehicle soon (which seems to be always on) I figured, battery needed replaced. I went to get that done, and they said it was the alternator. I checked out some cheaper places and drove an hour away to save 140 dollars for the alternator. They tested it... its not the alternator and they don't know whats wrong with it. This car is not reliable! I don't know whats wrong. I can't just wake up early everyday to make sure my car is working so I can get to work on time. Does anyone know whats wrong with this?? I keep having to pay the tests fees... which is racking up. Everyone says nothing is wrong. But clearly, a car not starting... has something wrong with it!

3rd May 2007, 23:56

I bought a 2000 Grand Am GT with 79,000 miles a year ago from an auction for a darn good deal. When I bought it I put a new Camaro Flomaster exaust system on it, which sounds sick. I drive the car very frequently. I now have 92000 miles on it and it has not been in the shop once, which is a record for being a previous Grand Am owner. The brakes were new, brand new tires, very well taken care of. The previous owner left repair reciepts in the glove compartment, which totaled to over 2000 dollars (brakes, power steering, fuel injectors). After reading this website, I am surprised that was all the repairs that have been done since the previous owner bought the car at very low miles. I have owned 3 generations of Grand Am GTs, my 2000 being by far the best of all. Although the 1997 5 speed was fun, it cost me so much money to repair since the transmission and starter seemed to go out frequently, not to mention the battery, alternator, air compressor, etc.

At any rate, on the 1997 model the air compressor went out, in a bad way, causing my belt to fly apart while on the highway. In the weeks prior to the air compressor failing, there was a grinding noise that came from it. On the 2000 model I own, I am starting to hear the same thing reoccuring, which is a strange metallic vibritating sound when starting the car, kinda like if you put a penny in a beer can and shook it around. BEWARE!!!


I fixed this problem by removing some extra grease from the copper contacts inside the steering column. Apparently the grease collects metallic particles over time, causing intermittent faulty activation of the contacts/turn signal relay. It took me 10 minutes to clean and have not had it happen since. It involves removing 5 screws and pulling out the turn signal/wiper control mechanism to reveal the copper contacts. Use a Q-tip to remove excess grease (you will notice it is dirty and gritty)

I believe the ticking noise coming from the engine area is from the valves, possibly valve springs losing there mojo or something of that nature. Probably more of an annoyance than a serious problem since it seems to happen to all 1999- 2004 series Grand Am 3.4L's that I have encountered.

Although I have not had any coolant problems, I did notice an awful amount of gooey DEXCOOL residue taking over my coolant resevoir, in a bad way. I can only imagine what it is doing to the inside of my engine and hoses. I think I will take apart my coolant system and clean out all of the gum before something bad happens.

The suspension will start to squeak when you get near the 100,000 mile mark, which really isn't that bad.


I have been stuck at gas stations and late for work about 5 times in a year because of the 10 minute security fuel cut off. I have not attempted to resolve this issue since it really doesn't happen that much.

I love Grand Am GTs and it hurts to see others suffer costly repairs. Lucky for me my brakes and rotors work great!