1st Aug 2001, 23:08

You know 12 grand is a lot of money for repairs, but I do believe that the Grand Am is crap because I own one and have had the same problems.

15th Aug 2001, 12:14

Well I own a 98 Grand Am GT as well, and I have had similar problems listed. I have had a dead alternator, been through a set of rotors, I just replaced the power window motor, the front brakes I get average wear.

Overall I have had a just minor problems with the car. The only real annoying problem I have had is something with the front suspension, that no one can figure out.

Overall I have gotten my money's worth. I just wish I could sell mine and get a new one.

22nd Aug 2001, 22:10

I have had multiple problems with my 1999 grand am. I think that there should be a recall with this many problems.

26th Nov 2001, 19:21

I have a 98 Grand Am which had 250 miles on it when I bought it. Within 2 weeks, the paint was peeling off.

In the first year of ownership, I had to return my car 7 times for paint work.

Then the alternator started in. Since August 00, I am now on my 4th alternator and 3rd battery. I write this as I am soaking wet, from being stranded on a dark highway in the rain with a crying baby (and yes, that did eventually become a description of myself!) My sister had to jump start my car 3 times just to get it about 6 miles! NAPA says they will not just continue to give me new alternators either, they say "You're gonna have to find out what is wrong with the car." However, no one seems to know...

I am fuming mad and immediately started looking for other complaints, and GUESS WHAT!?!?!?!? I have had it. So once again, HOW WILL I GET TO WORK TOMORROW??? And that doesn't even begin to cover the little things, like the wind shield wipers, the brake pads, the window motor, the ignition I can't always get my key out of... *heavy sigh*...

18th Jan 2002, 07:13

I own a '97 Pontiac Grand Am with 72000 miles on it. When I purchased it used, it had approximately 50,000 on it. This car is a nightmare. Two months after we purchased it, the driver's side window motor died and had to be replaced to the tune of 400 dollars. Now, it is in the shop for the 2nd time in one week.. the car simply dies in the middle of the highway. The dealership replaced ALL 4 injectors, an oxygen sensor, fuel regulator and a serpentine belt. 1200 dollars and guess what?? The first day I had the car back, it died on me again!! Now they are telling me they think it's the computer. wonderful. This car is a death-trap and I find it hard to believe GM is not aware of all the problems with Grand Ams. This needs to be investigated.

18th Jan 2002, 15:58

Wow...6 people with bad experiences out of how many 10's of thousands?

Try an extended warranty next time... or maybe try to not drive them like idiots.

30th Aug 2002, 16:29

I have a 1998 Grand Am SE. Bought it brand new with 300 miles. It now has 101000 miles on it, and I have had no problems at all with the car. Of course I have replaced the brakes and front rotors (as expected) as well as other general maintenance items. Today the serpentine drive belt snapped and is about $20 to replace it. All in all I have gotten my money's worth from the car and looking into purchasing a 2003 Grand Am later this year.

3rd Sep 2002, 08:03

I have a 98 Pontiac Grand Am with 122,000 miles. In 3 years I have replaced the alternator (the only item to be covered under extended warranty), serpentine belt, water pump, tension extender and tension belt. both front manual window mechanisms are broken, the casing around the seat belt buckles broke off, the dimmer switch is broken, the fog lights don't work, trunk light doesn't work, my ABS brake light is on, and this morning steam begins to pore out my defrost vents causing total condensation on windshield which made it impossible to see out the window. And all this is identical to the problems I had with my 92 Chevy Cavalier and then some. GM SUCKS!!!

2nd Oct 2002, 22:26

Okay... Now I am wondering what is going on with these complaints... Has Gm contacted anyone about returning their vehicle so that these parts can be replaced?

I am experiencing many of the problems that my fellow Grand Am Lovers are facing... Try 3 Alternators within the last 6 months and both windows seem to be off track... I have had the O2 sensor problem. I have 122000 miles on this car and I was just wondering if it was normal wear and tear... But now as I look at these complaints... I do know that it is time to do something.

14th Oct 2002, 08:08

I have a 98 Grand Am GT. Sure my power window motors in the rear only went bad they replaced both-one was after it was out of warranty. I had a squeaking noise in the front suspension-not sure if that is what someone else was talking about, but that was a recall and the dealer put on some kind of correction package. They told me it was the rubber bushings. I do have to replace my brakes every 15K, but that to me is a normal time. I did have to just recently after having the car for almost 5 yrs now put a new battery in-which the one we took out was bulging and looked like something was wrong with it. I also then put a new alternator on, but the service man was not sure if the battery effected the alternator or the other way around. I love my Grand Am GT and would not hesitate to buy another. As a matter of fact my first car was a 78 Sunbird, I loved it. My finance has a 94 Grand Am SE and my daughter will be 16 soon and we are trying to find her a used Sunfire. I have had Ford's and Toyota's-----they are junk!!!

2nd Nov 2002, 20:21

I own a bright red 2 door '98 Grand Am GT. It's my first car, but I can already tell its going to be with me a while. I love it. It has the perfect combination of power and performance. Since I got it, it did need the passenger side window motor replaced, but I think that might just be from the previous owner. Maybe they didn't keep up with it. Sometimes, especially in cold weather it idles really fast and the clock goes out of whack. But all I do is restart the engine, and its better. I love my car. As the saying goes, nobody is perfect. I guess that holds the same to cars too, but it doesn't bother me.

4th Jan 2003, 19:23

I have a 98 Grand Am SE. It has 88,000 miles on it and it purrs like a kitten. the only problem I ever had was caused by an aftermarket security system having conflicts with the Pass-lock security system. I live in a cold climate where it is rough on cars, and every morning when I start it it starts fast and immediately just like I did when I bought it. I suggest to all you people with problems, whenever you by a car, by the shop manual to match. and if your like me if you keep with the routine maintenance as well as scheduled maintenance your cars wouldn't suck as bad. I've only had three cars in my entire life. The first two both pushed over 300,000 and I plan on making this one go to. It's a good buy, lots of power with a sport suspension to match.