26th Oct 2002, 14:08

Yeah. My Alternator messed up at around 41,000 miles. My passenger window broke a couple of weeks ago, and I think the driver's side window is about to go. Other than that I love my car, it does it's job and then some extra.


20th Jan 2003, 12:59

I was OK with my car until the headlights went out. That was very very bad. The driver's side window also needs fixing, and the suspension is not ideal, but these things were all relatively minor. Now that the headlights went out, I am a little less certain that the car will stay reliable.

5th Feb 2003, 16:36

I also have trouble with my windows. First the passenger then the drivers side. They both went. Also my light dimmer switch went at about 95K. Replaced and everything else is still working pretty good at 106K.

I agree that the seats are comfortable. There is also a lot of room in the front and back. It's good for my passengers. It is great for long rides. I can drive a good 4 hours before having to get out. I travel a lot, so I put a lot of miles on my car. It has really good steering.


1st May 2003, 14:52

This is SO weird... I have a 1992 Grand Am GT coupe, and I had the SAME problem as everyone here... the altenator, it went out at 64K miles, and again at 125K miles, also I just had to get new motors for the two power windows, and now my drivers side window needs to be put back on track... other than that, the car is GREAT...it's the 3.3L 160 HP, V6.

22nd Sep 2004, 20:56

Hi everyone, here are some tips. Hopefully you're a bit handy.

Brakes -- well, I have found that the rotors warp, surprise, retail was $54.00 each, just count that in with pad replacement, usually once a year or so. Just replaced calipers, rotors & shoes for $250.00, not hard at all to do.

Now as for the window, I found that my passenger window stopped working. Removed the door panel, removed motor, worked fine, it seemed to be too tight & stuck. Replaced it and it worked fine for 2 months, but now the same thing again. I will check into this when I have the time, but I think the sprocket jumped a tooth and is too tight again. When I fix this for sure, I will post it as well. I have found that the motor rarely goes, it's something else causing this problem. But I'm sure that there's more money to be made by selling a new motor than fixing a simple problem. As I promised, I will find it out, and will post either way, if I can fix permanently or not.

I just think that after you pay big money for a car, you shouldn't need to pay big money for easy fixes. If I can help someone, I will try. All prices are CDN$.

11th May 2005, 10:30

I love my 1997 Grand Am! But I too have problems with my windows. None of my power windows work and now my sun roof won't open.

15th Nov 2005, 20:40

HI my 1995 Grand AM GT just quit at 342,000k SO I got another engine at the wreckers for $450 with 200,000k. I'm in the process of rebuilding the old one as a spare. I figure that I can run this car forever. I Love my 3.1 GAGT.

I figured out how to fix my window problem I don, t open it.

14th Feb 2008, 19:46

I just bought one and both windows are out of alignment and I need to get that fixed. I paid 1,075 for it and I like it.

15th Sep 2008, 20:02

Yeah, I bought a 1995 Grand Am GT Coupe for 400$, and it's in mint shape. The body is perfect, 220k. Only the one passenger window doesn't open, but it's an awesome car.