20th Oct 2007, 23:13

Well my fiance bought a 99 Grand Am SE last year. Nothing but problems.

We have almost all of the most common problems, but we have a new problem that we can't seem to figure out... We can start the car fine and it will run for a little bit, but when you lay on the gas a little bit it bucks and dies. We let the car warm up and tried to drive it around the block. It did the same thing, and after a little while of driving it, it will drive fine. But this shouldn't be happening considering the temp gauge works fine and it runs at about 220 and we let it warm up to that.

We recently replaced the battery connection, fuel filter and checked the coil packs. My father is a master mechanic and he is puzzled. Has anyone had this problem and found an answer?

22nd Oct 2007, 16:26

I think the answer to your problem is that it's a 1999 Grand Am.

That being said I haven't heard of this issue with any previous reports. I guess this is a new issue we can add to the list. Good luck isolating the problem! I feel your pain!

4th Dec 2007, 03:54

I also own a 1999 Pontiac Grand AM SE. This car is terrible. I bought it in 2006 with 140,000 miles on it and I expected to run in to some problems, but this is ridiculous. I have replaced: both hub bearings, tie rod ends, sway bar, brakes twice. Now I have the popping noise when I turn the wheels so I will be taking it to the mechanic AGAIN tomorrow. The volume on the radio is erratic, there is no LED for the radio (fuse is fine) so I have no idea what station it's on. The fan blower levels 1, 2 & 3 do not work. The blinkers make noise even after I turn them off (wtf?), the gas gage is crazy it goes back and forth and I never know how much gas is really in it, I have a leaky water pump. My ABS & TRAC OFF lights stay on as do my check engine and change oil lights. I am going to have to get rid of this car quickly!

9th Dec 2007, 11:36

I've had my 99 Grand Am GT for just over a year and a half. It had 127000 on it for $3400, then two months after that I was hit on my front drivers side, there was over $3200 in damage, but the car still ran like a champ.

Now I have over 160000 miles on it, and I've had to completely replace all the pads/rotors, had my right window fall when I was driving 60, which scared the crap outta me and almost put me in the ditch.

I also had 2 control arms bent, and replaced, and now in the mist of winter my power steering pump is going, so it sucks using all your strength to turn on icy roads.

I had the blinker sound problem, which mysteriously stopped on its own, and my Dexcool hasn't disappeared in a while, so I think whatever takes it has changed appetites.

My car also overheats when in vigourous city driving, or while it's sitting in idle for too long, but I found if I go over 35 mph, it cools down to normal, though it looks as though it's my lower intake gasket that's leaking.

There's a bunch of things going wrong on this car, but I'm willing to replace the power steering pump if it'll last to 200000 miles. I wouldn't give it anything over, and doubt it'll last that long.

Good luck with your piece of crap =)

9th Dec 2007, 15:10

I've owned my 99 Grand Am GT now for 5 years. Bought it from my step mom. I've had the same problems that other people have had. Just recently having to fix my intake manifold and my water pump. Its the second water pump I've had to put in. I have having problems with my ABS. Goes off on its own whenever if feels like. I have a shortage in my dash so I can't see how many miles I have on my car, how fast I'm going, how much gas I have, or if my car is over heating or not. The fan only works on setting from 3-5 and has been like that for over a year now. Both my windows are broke. My driver side window is stuck shut. The window motor was replaced back in '03. The sunroof motor has been bad since the car was basiclly brand new. Now it is stuck open, and it will probably be a few days till the motor decides to work again. I'm looking forward to getting a new car in the next few months and not having to worry about it breaking down every 6 months.

20th Dec 2007, 12:13

We have bought a Grand Am GT 1999 for our son 16 yrs old about a month ago from a second owner of the car... he said there were no problems that he knows of..but it started leaking fluid after about 2weeks of us buying it, now it is in the shop being looked at and they said so far it is not the water pump (they said it has a new water pump on it) hmmmmm... and they are still looking to see where the leak is coming from... but reading all these comments on here... not sure what is is going to be. Really hope it is not bad news as of some of these stories... cause he really likes his car and is proud of it, him being 16 and all... well, guess we will found out soon... Arab AL.

2nd Jan 2008, 20:06

I have a 99 Grand Am. The front two windows need regulators as well as the rear passenger window. The air/ heat will not work on setting one or two. I have to use everything on setting three and just adjust my vents & hot/cold air temp. Recently I have been experiencing my battery not charging & when I try to crank it the trunk pops open. I automatically thought it was the alternator because it has been replaced twice, thank goodness it wasn't.

20th Jan 2008, 17:34


I also bought a 99 pontiac grand am se brand new. I did not have any problems with the car until 2001. New breaks, etc.

Then the alternator went out. Then the water pump, then I needed a new battery. My left strut snapped. My radio knob doesn't know if its going up or down. The screen doesn't work either. And now my power steering pump just went completely out. I don't know hard that is to remove or the cost of repair. I should have never bought a pontiac. I should have bought a CHEVY like I had before...

15th Feb 2008, 15:20

Well. I recently bought a 99 Pontiac Grand Am GT from a personal party. I only paid a couple thousand for the car, so that's not too bad. Although I have only had it for about a month now, and the problems do not stop.

First it started with both front windows not rolling down at all, totally stuck, then the passenger window suddenly fell in the door.

Another major problem; the blinkers rarely ever want to work. I have to push on a couple wires in the dashboard to get them to work.

My steering wheel stays very crooked.

I hear a ticking noise in the dashboard.

The check engine light is always on.

The hood lever is broken so I have to open the hood from the front of the car.

The dashboard lights occasionally choose to work.

No stereo, no speakers!

Front windshield is cracked also.

Car overheats sometimes because the fans have to be turned on manually by connecting the red wire with the blue wire.

Gas tank had a hole in it, so my boyfriend had to fix that immediately, cost $165 to get a new one. Lucky my boyfriend's a mechanic!

And last, but definitely not least, we just had to replace the left front brake pads and brake, because we were driving and the car started making a terrible grinding sound, especially when started braking, that was really really scary.

I love the look of this car, it is gorgeous, but so many problems, I'm scared that it's not gonna last me much longer.